Using a Geoboard as a Learning Tool

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We have a few geoboards laying around here at home (you can easily make your own with a piece of wood and a few nails!) so I brought them out yesterday for the kids to use. I was not prepared for how long my 2 year old would sit and use it!! He sat there for a good hour placing small rubber bands on the geoboard!!
At first he had a difficult time doing it as stretching a rubber band over two small pegs takes a good skill at fine motor coordination! But he kept trying and he actually got pretty good at it!


He actually preferred to place the small bands on top of each other on the same peg!



For older children, however, there are many uses for a geoboard depending on the age. Yesterday we used ours to talk about shapes. My son and I took turns creating shapes by using the bands on the geoboard. Older children can actually create a maze on their geoboard and use a marble to “play” their game!
Do you have any other ideas for uses with this? I’d love to hear some more ideas as I am not completely familiar with a geoboard use.

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