Surviving the Back to School Madness

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Sometimes I think back to school sales are as big a frenzy as the Christmas holidays- well almost! It seems like it anyways. People frantically checking the sale ads every week…….making huge lists… the first day of the sale only to bring home bags and bags and bags of school supplies, and then going out the next day because you want more! Then they start it all over again the next week! To be honest- it can be a bit addicting! 
I am ALL for saving money and catching the best deals, but to be quite honest I just don’t have time to this year! It seems as though every year gets busier and every year the sales get better! So how are we surviving the madness of the back to school craze? 
Well, other than spending oodles of time typing up the ads every week for you guys, we are limiting ourselves to no more than one shopping trip a week-max. If we have a few stores to go to- we do it all in one big errand. We are also being savvy about our choices. If one store has glue sticks for 20 cents, and the closer store has glue sticks for 30 cents, we are simply going to go to the closer store! I mean – is it really necessary to drive further just to save 10 cents? It DOES all add up, but sometimes saving my sanity alone is worth the extra 10 cents- not to mention my time or the cost of gas!
There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars- especially on items you don’t need. We get carried away by all of the cute stuff that is “only $1” – but that adds up incredibly quickly! Make yourself a list, go once a week max, and when it’s time to call it quits don’t even look at the ads! And DON’T go the week before school starts! It is the last minute madness rush and definitely not even worth catching a deal then!

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  1. Underground Teacher says:

    Glad I found your site and will happily post on my blog. There aren't enough resources out there for teachers, and teacher end up spending a good chunk of their own money.

    I do a lot of behind the scenes stuff with the PTA and work with the community to get donations. It's actually fun for me and a great help to others. Having discovered your site only helps with that.

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