Special Needs: Kids with Food Allergies

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It seems like kids everywhere are popping up with food allergies- my own included! There are allergies to nuts, soy, dairy, gluten, eggs, fish, and quite a variety of other non-food allergies including bee stings even. As a teacher, it’s very hard to keep all of the kids food allergies in the classroom straight if you’ve got several with allergies. As parents, it’s worrisome to make sure your child does not get any of the taboo foods when they’re not with you!

If you are a teacher or aide in the classroom don’t forget to check ingredients of paints and craft kits- some of these can contain wheat & egg ingredients! It’s NOT just lunch time where you have to be concerned. If you have a child which has severe reactions to something make sure you know exactly what to do if that child comes in contact with their allergen.

Here are a few ideas in making others aware & remembering the food allergies a child might have:

Vistaprint has “Allergy” Business Cards that are awesome to stick in lunchboxes & staple onto agendas.

Allermates has adorable allergy bands for kids to wear as bracelets.

SafetyTat makes temporary tattoos for kids to wear. They have a huge variety including allergy tats, Autism Tats, Diabetes Tats, I’m Lost tats, etc. These are ESPECIALLY good to wear on field trip days!

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