Tips for Keeping your Family Safe in the Sun – Melanoma Prevention Awareness

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 A special thank you to Blue Lizard for sponsoring this important message.

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Children of Mine

These are my amazing and beautiful children, and you can’t tell by looking at their photos but they are at HIGH risk for developing melanoma. When I was their age I never thought twice about wearing sunscreen – in fact I hated the greasy stuff. I’d just let myself burn in the hot Florida sun and hoped it would turn into a nice tan later. Until I met my husband that is – and everything changed.

In the 11 years we’ve been married my husband’s mom, two sisters, 4 grandparents, and several aunts and uncles have ALL had melanoma. Some requiring pretty extensive skin graphing on the face. Every single one of them had skin cancer. And to be honest it’s only a matter of time before my husband does too. He is one of the only ones in his family who hasn’t had it yet.

He faithfully visits his dermatologist every 6 months only to have 2-3 biopsies each time showing severely abnormal cells requiring further excisions of the area. Every time. It absolutely opened up my eyes to what I had been doing wrong all those years, and how careful I would be with my own children.

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 12.42.54 PM

Just because there is a high risk of melanoma in our family doesn’t mean that my ever-loving adventurous children are sheltered from the sun! I can’t even imagine trying to corral them indoors all the time! But it DOES mean that they are protected from the sun as much as possible.

My little guy on the right already has quite a few moles that we’re watching so closely for changes as he gets older. My boys have been to my husband’s dermatologist appointments many times and watched as he gets spot after spot removed for pre-cancerous lesions. The kids and I may not like the need to use sunscreen but we know firsthand how important it is! It’s sad it has taken me so long to make sure we are protected!


I want my kid’s grandparents to be around to watch them grow up and get married. And I want my husband and I to be around to see our great-grandchildren! That is just one of the reasons I am a huge advocate for sun protection no matter whether you’re an adult or kid, light skinned or dark!

Here are some important tips for keeping your family safe in the sun:

*SUNSCREEN!!! This is the most obvious tip but one that many many people do not use. Don’t let your family learn the hard way! I recommend using Blue Lizard sunscreens because not only is in made in the USA but it’s safe even for kids. They even have fundraisers your school or group can participate in!

*HATS – The top (and sides) of the head are commonly forgotten to protect when you’re out in the sun! You may remember to slather up sunscreen everywhere else but did you apply sunscreen on your head? Probably not! The absolute least you can do is to wear a hat when you’re going to be out in the sun for added protection!

*Long Sleeves & Cover Ups – Even though it’s hot outside you can absolutely find clothes that cover your arms that won’t make you roast. Look for thin cover-ups, rash guards, or special SPF shirts that provide maximum protection. Regardless of what you have on it’s still a smart idea to apply sunscreen!

*FEET – Cover your feet! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten sunburned on my toes and had shoe marks from not applying sunscreen to my feet! YES – you can get skin cancer on your feet and let me tell you, having skin removed on your feet is quite painful!

*Apply often! Unfortunately sunscreen is not just an apply it once and forget about it. You need to reapply it frequently to ensure maximum coverage. The great thing about Blue Lizard is that 2 of their formulas (Sport & Regular) are water-resistant but even that needs to be reapplied frequently.

*Find the Shade! If you’re headed to the beach or your kid’s soccer games invest in one of those little shade tents. Try to picnic under a tree or stand on the sidewalk in a parade under the shade. It won’t give you complete protection but every little bit helps!

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  1. Debbie Thomas says:

    You can get sunburned on your feet

  2. Blue Lizard sunscreen bottles change colors in harmful UV rays letting you know it’s time to cover up.

  3. Brent Thomas says:

    There are more cases each year of skin cancer than other main cancers, scary.

  4. They make products suited to different skin types.

  5. Joshlin Spears says:

    I like that they make sensitive skin sunscreen.

  6. christina Grimm says:

    I am fair skinned and using a good sunscreen is important to me!

  7. Blue Lizard sunscreen is highly ranked by the Environmental Working Group.

  8. Jenny Bates says:

    I always forget to reapply sunscreen!

  9. Tracy Vanderbogart says:

    I’m 42 and I’ve never thought about making sure I put sunscreen on my or my children’s feet! But now that I think about it, I remember a very painful sunburn in the top of my feet from being in a boat! Thanks for the info!

  10. Sierra Comer says:

    I never gave much thought about putting sunscreen on my feet. Thanks for the info!

  11. Ashley Braswell says:

    Neat idea having the bottle change colors in harmful UV rays.

  12. Tiffany Wiggins says:

    Interesting that SPF above 30+ doesn’t exist. I love sitting on the beach but have learned as I have gotten older to use sunscreen regularly!

  13. I never think about my feet! I always just put on flip flops and go once the rest of me is covered. Thanks for the all the information. I’ve got to put sunscreen on my feet!

  14. Sheryl Kurck says:

    love the awesome savings listed on your site.

  15. Mary Sanders says:

    I always forget the top of my head and since I work in a cemetery, I am under the sun alot!! Thanks for the reminder!

  16. Niccole Board says:

    The sunscreen is made in the USA. 🙂

  17. I had no idea sunscreen standard is only water resistant for 80 minutes – that’s not even 1.5 hours! Spending the day at the beach requires many more applications than I ever have done in the past!

  18. The bottles change color!

  19. Charlene Daugherty says:

    Something I learned from reading this post is that they do fund raisers, always looking for something different to try and raise money. Plus it’s made in the USA!

  20. We’ve been trying all kinds of sunscreen since my husband had squamous cell carcinoma removed from the top of his head. As a fireman he has trouble with many sunscreens making him sweat. I’m looking forward to trying the Blue Lizard brand.

  21. Great tips! Thank you!

  22. I never thought about how important it is to cover feet. Will have to remember that this summer.

  23. I like the color changing bottle. This would be especially helpful for my son who has Albinism and is at high risk for developing skin cancer!

  24. It is very water resistant

  25. Michele McCall says:

    Our family is sunscreen conscious, but we never think of our feet! Thanks for the tip! Awesome that they have free shipping!

  26. Amanda Zacharek says:

    As a parent of a red head, I often find myself thinking more and more about sunscreen than ever before. I would tan and he would burn if we didn’t put on protective layers. I try to cover him up and lather up as often as possible, although I know I’m not as good at doing it as often as I should. And feet!! I never think about sunscreen on my feet or his! Thanks for the reminder!

  27. the bottle changes colors to alert you to dangerous uv rays

  28. Chastity Lies says:

    I love that this sunscreen is manufactured in the United States! Would like to win and try it out!

  29. Rina de Guzman says:

    Melanoma doesn’t discriminate – it can strike anyone at anytime, regardless of age, skin color or geographic location.

  30. Christina says:

    Always on sale?! AMAZING!

  31. Valerie Humphreys says:

    Love the fact it reminded us to use sunscreen on our feet! So easy to forget them!

  32. I really liked that the bottle changes color when in the presence of harmful UV rays. What a great reminder!

  33. It’s made in the USA! Bravo!

  34. Lashawna Wright says:

    The tops of feet are sensitive and can burn.

  35. Amy Loane says:

    Australia has the highest standards in the world for sunscreens.
    Manufacturers can’t make claims that sunscreens are water-proof or sweat-proof!

  36. I like that this is a trusted brand that you’re giving away!!! 🙂

  37. Blue lizard has lots of zinc, which is good for protecting your skin for the sun. I love this sunscreen for my kids and myself. They have many different kinds I like using the baby for me too!

  38. Kari Rivera says:

    I learned that they make bottles that change color when exposed to harmful UV rays…so cool!

  39. Rachel Ferguson says:

    I didn’t really think about covering up our feet. Thanks for the tip.

  40. Austrailia has the highest standard for sunscreen in the world. Blue Lizard originated in Austrailia but it’s now made in the U.S.A with the Sam high standards. Hurray!

  41. Amanda Bain says:

    As a family of fair skinned redheads, sun block is always on my outdoor checklist. I haven’t thought about wearing hats in the sun since the kids were little, but knowing that I have moles on the top of my head has made me really think about adding them to our outdoor adventures. Thanks!

  42. I learned you need to apply sunscreen more often than I thought.

  43. The color changing bottles– genius idea!

  44. I love that Blue Lizard has a sunscreen for sensitive skin! I had not seen that before visiting their site.

  45. I didn’t know that Australia has the highest standards for sunscreen.

  46. I love that the bottle changes color to remind you to reapply! My dad was diagnosed with two types of skin cancer last year.

  47. I like how the picture of the bottle actually says on the front how long the water proof lotion will last while using the lotion in water. I also like how I can hear the urgency in your voice and how important this message is to you and your family. I know how this can be a wake up call to a family.

  48. Noelle Turner says:

    I like that it stays on in whirlpool water for 240 minutes and that it is high rated in Australia (where the ozone hole has been a huge deal.)

  49. Due to extremely sensitive skin and allergic reactions to chemical barriers, I have been using Blue Lizard for many years, but I didn’t know that it’s the brand most recommended by dermatologists. It’s a great product!

  50. I live in the sunniest place on earth. Using sunscreen is a must! I love that the bottles change color.

  51. they still adhere to those strict standards to offer the most advanced formulations available in sun protection…good to know since skin cancer runs in my husbands family too.

  52. Beth Kurtz says:

    Great broad spectrum coverage that I’d love to try. Interesting that you can contact them to sell this as a fundraiser. Great idea for sports teams!!!

  53. Crystal Perez says:

    We live in sunny Arizona so we know how incredibly important sunscreen is!

  54. I love that the bottle changes color to show uv!! I am diligent about keeping my 2 young kids covered/sunblocked. I rarely used sunblock as a kid and my mother recently had skin cancer removed on her leg. It really is eye opening!

  55. Danielle Scott says:

    I learned some great things about Blue Lizard Sunscreen. I was really interested in the water-resistant information they provided on their website. I also love the fact that the bottle changes color when in harmful UV rays. The coolest thing that I learned is the Blue Lizard is manufactured in my hometown!

  56. Janelle Sluys says:

    I never really think about my feet! Good point. Sounds like it would hurt if I got it on them too.

  57. Sherry Cole says:

    I am fair skinned and burn easily! Sunscreen is not only a must for that reason, but I have known two people to die from skin cancer and that scares me.

  58. i like that it changes color to warn you about sunrays

  59. Sherri Gill says:

    Interesting fact…Blue Lizard was originally created in Australia but is now manufactured in the US. But most importantly, some of Blue Lizard’s sunscreens are rated in the best category on EWG’s safe sunscreen guide.

  60. Allison Corbin says:

    The sunscreen is now manufactured in the USA.

  61. Andrea R. says:

    I am glad that Blue Lizard’s bottles change color when it’s time to reapply!

  62. Always protect exposed skin. I have family members with skin cancer. It’s not a pleasant condition.

  63. Brandi Bowers says:

    Wow! The sunscreen sounds amazing and the website offers a variety of sizes (even a gallon). I am always looking for safe sunscreen for my son because he has sensitive skin.

  64. i love that the Blue Lizard bottle changes color when in the UV rays too long.

  65. Carrie Griffith says:

    I like that the bottles changes colors to remind you to apy sunscreen and cover up!

  66. I learned about their fundraising opportunities. I’m from Fl and sunscreen and school fundraising go hand n hand.

  67. Chris Horwhat says:

    Offers a sensitive skin variety.

  68. Karen Smith says:

    As someone who has had skin cancer, I cannot agree more with you in all of the areas discussed! Protecting your skin is something that has to be done, sunscreen, hats, SPF clothing, it’s ALL worth the money spent.

  69. Love that they have a money back guarantee!!

  70. I’m glad you mentioned that sunburns can occur on your feet. My husband didn’t apply lotion to his feet last June and was unable to walk for over a week due to the third degree burns he received. Never again!

  71. I absolutely love the reminder from the bottle! So helpful on top of a great product!

  72. Linda Azanow says:

    I never think about feet and sunburn. I will remember to do my toes now – even in between. You can never be too careful. I have heard nothing but wonderful things about Blue Lizard.

  73. Denise Emerson says:

    Love love love that the bottles change color.

  74. Val Carvana says:

    Need to remember to wear a hat for extra protection!

  75. monique b says:

    Any type of cancer does not discriminate, but with a few preventative measures, like wearing hats & long sleeves, seeking shade, reapplying sunscreen and remembering every body part (such as feet), we can be safer in the sun.

  76. Products are 100% guaranteed.

  77. Jennifer N says:

    I was interested that products could only say water resistant and for only up to 80 minutes. I was surprised, however, that this really only covered those in non-moving water.

  78. I love that the bottle changes color to let you know it’s time to re-apply….Now if it would just change color on the children so we would have a bigger reminder!

  79. Charla Floyd says:

    “if you buy a sunscreen that advertises an SPF of more than 30+, you’re paying for something that doesn’t really exist, like vegetarian chickens. And speaking of chickens, our products are never tested on animals.” That’s good info, right there!

  80. Terri Puglia says:

    You can purchase different sunscreen for different types of skin.

  81. Meghan Lozano says:

    I love that you reminded people to protect ears and feet. Two areas often overlooked.

  82. Shana Grooms says:

    Thanks for the foot reminder!! I always forget!!!

  83. stephanie Jo says:

    Free shipping, always! And always on sale? Wow!

  84. LouAnn Fitzgerald says:

    I think it’s neat that the cap turns blue (or pink for baby formula) when UV rays are present. That would help remind me to put on the sunscreen! 🙂

  85. stephanie girard says:

    they make a variety for all skin types!

  86. Laura McDonald says:

    I had no idea about the bottles changing color to warn when to cover up. I love that since my children and I are all high risk for melanoma.

  87. I learned that there is a sunscreen called blue lizard. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it in my stores in Ohio.

  88. Cheryl Nelson says:

    I would live to try this sunscreen. My husband has had melanoma and I was recently diagnosed with basal cell.

  89. Smart bottles are a neat idea!

  90. Jen Hubbard says:

    I had stage IIIA melanoma so I am crazy it comes to applying sunscreen to my boys! Love that blue lizzard can be used on sensitive skin and that the bottle changes color in the sun!

  91. Heather Miska says:

    Color changing bottle, kid-safe & made in the U.S. All great things!

  92. wow, didn’t know the bottle changed colors.

  93. Aleen Granelli says:

    Like that the bottle changes color.

  94. Chris Lemings says:

    apply often!

  95. I love that blue lizard is waterproof and made for sensitive skin. My little one is very sensitive to lotions.

  96. I love that the bottle changes color! I have really been trying to protect my kiddos as I have a biopsy myself this week. I didn’t use to think much about protecting myself.

  97. my friends swear by this brand. I’d love to try it.

  98. Oanh Nguyen says:

    As a consumer who looks at the SPF number, I learned that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) limits the maximum SPF value at 50+. So if a sunscreen advertises an SPF of more than 30+, you’re paying for something that doesn’t really exist! Wow!!

  99. Kerri York says:

    Love that there’s a face sunscreen besides the body sunscreen!

  100. All products are broad spectrum.

  101. I LOVE Blue Lizard sunscreen. It does not bother my daughter’s skin and I feel confident in therotection it offers!

  102. Great product recommend by dermatologist.

  103. I learned that between 40 and 50 percent of Americans who live to age 65 will have skin cancer at least once. I am an advocate for skin protection, but I didn’t realize the numbers where so high.

  104. This would be a great way to get my grandchild covered!

  105. You need to reapply often

  106. I love blue lizard!!! Best sunscreen!!!!

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