Tax-Free Back to School Shopping Days by State

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Here is an awesome list of specific state’s TAX FREE shopping days this year as well as what will be tax free!

Alabama (August 3-5) – Certain school supplies, Computers, and Clothing
Arkansas (August 4-5) – Clothing and School Supplies
Connecticut (August 19-25) – Clothing and Footwear
Florida (August 3-5) – Clothing and Books, School Supplies
Georgia (August 10-11) – School Supplies, Clothing, Computer
Iowa (August 3-4) – Clothing
Louisiana (August 3-4) – All TPP
Maryland (August 12-18) – Clothing and Footwear
Mississippi (July 27-28) – Clothing and Footwear
Missouri (August 3-5) – Clothing, Computer, School Supplies
New Mexico (August 3-5) – Clothing, Computers, School Supplies
North Carolina (August 3-5) – Clothing, School Supplies, Instructional Material, Computers, Other Computer, Sports Equipment
Oklahoma (August 3-5) – Clothing
South Carolina (August 3-5) – Clothing, School Supplies, Computers, Other
Tennessee (August 3-5) – Clothing, School Supplies, Computers
Texas (August 17-19) – Clothing, Backpacks and School Supplies, Diapers
Virginia (August 3-5) – Clothing, School Supplies

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