Some Creative & Stylish Recycled Container Ideas

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I’ve been saving all sorts of containers in anticipation of building a zillion robots for my boys birthday party in a few months and it has really got me thinking about reusing containers. I know we’re all busy – who has time for an extra project? BUT it has been extremely simple to just throw all of our empty containers in a hamper to store for the party and I’m sure that I will have LOTS of extra containers after the party that I just hate to throw away. Here are some pretty awesome ideas I found. Do you repurpose containers? Leave a comment below and let me know how you use them!

Third World countries use bottles to build structures – I’m thinking you could make a pretty awesome fort this way!
Trash2Treasure has a great tutorial on how to make your own gift boxes!

Make Clocks from old CD’s – printable template included!!

Daily Danny has great ideas for recycling corks
Family Fun has an awesome idea for storing kids papers by using old cereal boxes!

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