The Smith Family’s Cornfusion Maze in Central Florida

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Part of surviving on a tight budget is knowing when to invest in your family – and having fun family time! Your kids don’t need to remember your tight budgets and your busy schedules – they need to remember YOU! Yesterday afternoon we came across the Smith Family’s Cornfusion Maize in central Florida – the first one ever! This was just the thing our family needed for a great break! The kids were free (they are 2 and 4 years old) and we were $10 each. This covered every activity except for the cost of food which was extremely reasonable!! (sno cones – $1; popcorn – $1; drinks – $1; roasted corn – $2; boiled peanuts – $2) We spent a total of $29 for our family of 4 and had all the snacks we could handle!



 The first thing my oldest son wanted to do was jumped on this “pillow bed”. It was really cool!! Believe it or not it was extremely difficult to install – it isn’t just an inflatable bouncing pad that you put up and take down like you would think!!


There was a big hayride which was surprisingly long which took us around the back of the property, as well as a big pumpkin patch. Sadly though we came so late that we *only* had 2 hours left before they closed, so we didn’t make it over to the pumpkin patch area (we really wanted pictures too!).
I loved that it was a laid back relaxing evening. The kids had a blast and we enjoyed ourselves. I appreciated that everything was included in the admission price, and that the food/drinks were great prices. It was definitely worth the cost for our family -even on a tight budget – to spend for the afternoon. Our area does not have any fall activities like this and I was absolutely thrilled to see that they decided to try it out from their sod farm this year!! They, like many of us, have fallen on hard times and are trying an innovative idea to help their family stay afloat financially. I think they’ll do great! Today was their first day open and they had a really nice turn out!


With the price of our admission we each had three turns at the Corn Cannon! By the time we got there it was actually tennis balls so I’m not sure if they ran out of corn of if it was just called that? Either way it was really neat!! If you hit a square on the back netting you won a free sno cone (which I won one!!). This definitely had a good sized line the whole time we were there. It was neat for kids and for us too!


Sno Cones = Silliness!


There was a mini-maze for smaller kids like mine to try out which my kids loved. They did it a few times actually! I borrowed the below picture online but this is what their big 8 acre corn maze looks like! Considering we have NO corn mazes within hours of here – I was highly impressed!!
Off of to the corner of the field we almost didn’t see the Duck Races which were a lot of fun!! It was an ingenious idea! There were 4 water pumps set up at a trough with a PVC pipe “maze”. You hand pump the water into the PVC pipe trough and try to race your rubber duckies around the quickest! As you can tell we all had a lot of fun with this one!!


There were kiddie car rides….
And one of our favorites? The Corn Pit!! It’s like a BIG sandbox, but with corn! In fact, they had to put an entire pallett of corn in this container to fill it up!! It was about $350 JUST to fill up this Corn Pit box! Wow! Good thing they can use it for the cattle later!! My son who has sensory issues especially LOVED this corn pit. In fact at the end of the day when it was pitch black outside our kids had the whole pit to themselves – it was a little slice of heaven!



My son had a BLAST!


As were leaving they had some pumpkins out in the front so I told the kids they could each pick out a small one (they were only $2 each!).
If you live anywhere within driving distance of the Smith Family’s Cornfusion Maze you definitely won’t regret going. This is their first year doing it and it sounds like if things go well this year they have some pretty awesome ideas in store for next year – I can’t wait!! Here are a few additional details in case you are interested in bringing your family out! As you can see from my pictures it was not over crowded today at all. They said that there were a very steady stream of people all day. It was a great activity for our family!!

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