SmartLab Squishy TRex Fun Gift for Dinosaur Birthday Parties

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You know this week is our much anticipated Fossils & Dinosaurs week and we’ve got a fun squishy sensory product to feature – The Amazing Squishy T-Rex by SmartLab! PLUS right now through April 30, 2013 save 25% at smartlabtoys.com by entering BLOGDEAL0313 at checkout!

SmartLab Squishy TRex

This squishy t-rex, perfect for Fossil & Dinosaur parties, is a plastic T-rex with 5 squishy organs inside and a squishy tongue! For some reason my kids just thought the squishy tongue was crazy cool! It looked pretty real which was a little unsettling! 🙂 But seriously these squishy organs were great – VERY sticky, but it did NOT leave sticky on our hands at all which I really appreciated!!

SmartLab Squishy TRex

It also comes with a T-Rex book and AWESOME packaging! They really did a great job designing this box! It has an open flap on the front so you can see the dino inside.

SmartLab Squishy T-Rex

My son woke up on his 6th birthday sporting his dinosaur fossil pajamas and opened up this Squishy T-Rex. You can see him above reading through the book.

SmartLab Squishy TRex

Inside is a fantastic detailed guide of how to  build this model. Fantastic presentation and easy to follow.

SmartLab Squishy TRex

Here you can see the plastic shell, the skeleton, and the leg muscles that all snap into place. It was very easy to snap together.

SmartLab Squishy TRex

Then we unwrapped the organs which come all in one piece but you can easily pull the organs apart to separate them. Squishy squishy squishy! My son played with them for a while before deciding to actually put the rest of his T-Rex together!

smartlab squishy trex

The tail was extremely simple to snap together as well. It comes in 3 parts and unfortunately none of it is squishy but it was fun to have extra pieces to snap together.

SmartLab Squishy T-Rex

After my son had fun playing with his dino the morning he opened it we actually displayed it on our party table at our Fossils & Dinosaur party. It’s really a large stunning T-Rex. Again I love the squishy tongue inside the mouth – it’s eerily real!

SmartLab Squishy T-Rex

As for the product itself overall we really like it. It was initially easy to snap the pieces together but at the end I had a little bit of a difficult time getting them to all snap together so if you have a younger kiddo they may need a little hand at the end finish up their dino. The dino mounts onto a rock to stand on and actually stand very well. It doesn’t tip in the slightest and is very well grounded. When the plastic dinosaur frame is all put together you can’t really squishy anything unless you re-open the dinosaur back up but I guess it keeps the organs cleaner that way!

Make sure to check out these other squishy toys in the series – Squishy Human Body, Squishy Brain, and Squishy Science from head to toe. You can also find these on Amazon. AND don’t forget to check out SmartLab’s FREE ZONE full of free activities, coloring sheets, and trivia!!

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    We love the squishy human body… kind of creepy, but very cool! 🙂

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    I really like the Glow in the Dark Lab! SmartLab makes such cool stuff! 🙂

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    I really like the bug playground. My boys would have wayyyy too much fun with that! 🙂

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