Save $$ on Textbooks! Rent Them!

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Some of you have just sent your kids off to college, and some of you teachers are in your master’s program! Textbooks can be one of the biggest expenses at easily a few hundred dollars PER book!! I know how those bills add up – my husband just finished up his master’s program over the summer!! Here’s a tip to saving a bundle on your textbooks that we did:


You can rent your textbooks at and save 40-90% OFF the bookstore prices! Not only is it easy to do and can save you a ton of money, but shipping is free BOTH ways. There are NO sign up fees or hidden fees to increase the price. Plus there is a 30 Day Risk Free Return Policy. This really comes in handy if you decide to drop your class or realize that you rented the wrong book. You can still highlight in the textbooks (a big plus!) and there are flexible renting periods to meet your needs. If you decide that you want to keep the book that you have rented you can still purchase it! And you do not have to pay any extra fees! It’s the price of the book minus what you paid to rent it.

 Have books to sell? They buy those too! 

You can search for textbooks on their site by ISBN, Author, Title, Keyword, Subject, or by most popular books!

With EVERY textbook rented from they are donating  to Operation Smiles, an organization that performs cleft lip surgeries for families who cannot afford it. Their goal right now is to support at least 1000 life-changing surgeries! I LOVE it when I know I am getting something I need and I’m a part of a bigger charity!

I REALLY wish I had known about this when I was in college – I spent a ridiculous amount of money on textbooks that I never even wanted! When my husband went through his master’s program we got a bit smarter though and rented textbooks – it was SO easy and much more affordable!!

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