Saving $$ with Reusable Bags – On Sale Today

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I just bought this deal on Mamapedia – $11 for $22 of Re-Pac reusable snack bags! Lately I’m just tired of how quickly I have been going thry Ziploc bags with all the homemade snacks I send to school with my kids. The can’t open the lids to tupperware easily so I’ve been using baggies but they are expensive when you’re going thru at least 5 a day! The kids are little and don’t always bring them back to reuse! So I can’t wait to try out these reusable snack bags – they are waterproof, don’t leak, and washable! (even in the dishwasher!) It sounds like a great solution for us so I’m eager to try it out! Does anyone else use reusable baggies like this?

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