Save Money by Protecting Yourself from the Sun!

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Believe it or not, growing up in Florida I almost never wore sunscreen. Nope – I wanted a beautiful dark brown tan instead! As a kid I just “knew” I’d never have to worry about skin cancer or anything else – I lived in Florida and we were supposed to be in the sun all day, right? Yep – I even did the whole baby oil trick to get a tan quicker. I rarely every burned so I figured I was OK. Besides I saw all of the 80 year old grandmas at the beach who were practically black their tans were so dark. It wasn’t until I met my husband that I realized the full necessity of using sunscreen. You see skin cancer runs VERY heavily in his family. His sisters, parents, and grandparents have all had skin cancer – he is the only one that hasn’t. After my pregnancies I now burn like crazy and wear a lot of sunscreen if we’re out in the sun for even 30 minutes – but I hated the oily feel. I didn’t like walking around feeling like a ball of grease. So my husband introduced me to the continuous spray sunscreens – I could actually put these on myself. Sure they were more expensive and you had to reapply them more frequently- but for the first time in my life I actually started volunteering to wear sunscreen.

When I was asked to join in as a Coppertone Mom I was thrilled as our family is very particular about being in the sun. Knowing my husband’s family history we have always been very careful to slather our kids with sunscreen from babies on up. Not only will you save yourself a slew of medical bills by protecting yourself from skin cancer but it could save your life! When I received my welcome package from Coppertone they sent several different types of sunscreen including a fun new foaming one! But the one I really liked was the Coppertone Water Babies Pure & Simple sunscreen – there is NO oil, NO fragrance, NO dyes, AND it’s TEAR FREE! It’s not greasy like the typical sunscreens that I stayed away from growing up. I’m SO excited to use it now and my kids are much happier about it too!! I have tons of samples so if you live close by let me know & I’ll give you some!! Also not pictured was an adorable Elmo bucket hat which is part of their new UV protectant clothes line!

Here are a few tips for staying healthy and keeping yourself & your kids from getting sunburns:

Sunscreen!! Reapply every 30 minutes! Don’t forget behind the neck, chest, shoulders, top of feet, and ears!

Sunglasses – your eyes need protection too! 

Wear smart clothing. You don’t have to dress like a nerd, but use a hat, sheer long sleeves, or close toed shoes when appropriate.

Leave sunscreen in your car and/or purse so you’ll always have it.

Don’t look at the price of the sunscreen – your health is more important.

Always use SPF 50 or higher!

Consider the UV protectant swim rash guard shirts – they are inexpensive and my boys don’t go swimming without it.

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I received the above products and samples in exchange for being a Coppertone Mom and sharing my honest opinion.

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