Protect Your Mobile Devices During Tax Season with Norton

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In today’s day of technology it seems so hard to keep up with the fast pace of learning, but one thing you can’t afford to forget about is protecting the devices that you do use. Especially when it comes to your cell phone and even more importantly during tax season when you are the most vulnerable with your personal information. That’s why I’ve partnered up to share with you about Norton coupon codes to save you money when you need it the most! I don’t know about you but early spring time always seems to be the tightest on our budget yet the time of year we need the most money for expenses! Anything to help us stay protected and sane is a benefit!

For our family we are so incredibly busy during the spring trying to prep for our vegetable garden, the end of the school year, spring break, and completing our taxes that sometimes I fail to ensure we are properly protected digitally with our personal information. To get us through the tax season we’re storing and submitting personal tax data and other sensitive information – the LAST thing we need to deal with is having someone get their hands on our info that doesn’t belong with it! (trust me, we’ve been there done that!) Norton offers a solution no matter what device you are using (PC, Mac, tablets, phones, etc) and they offer plans that meet your needs! In fact different devices offer different protection because after all, each device is unique! Protect your digital presence with Norton Security!

The first thing I had to realize, however, that Norton Security (and Norton Security with Backup) isn’t just an anti-virus program. For mobile devices and tablets it also has a contact backup and restore feature, a scream alarm and helps you locate lost or misplaced devices. For PCs and Macs not only does it help with online threats but helps to secure your financial and personal information from unwanted access. Just check out their “Right for Me” protection which actually easily narrows down exactly what you need without having to look at a zillion different products till you’re cross-eyed!

If you’ve never dealt with any type of computer virus or identity theft issues – consider yourself LUCKY! We have and I can tell you that I am now very careful (and perhaps obsessive!) about having protective measures in place to protect not just my electronics but to protect my family. One nasty virus can completely wipe out your computer not only losing all of the data and hard work you’ve completed but costing you potentially thousands of dollars needing new equipment. (been there done that too!) And having your personal and financial information stolen is a living nightmare. The repercussions of that can last for years and totally mess up your credit, bills and pretty much everything we tend to take for granted and put on the back burner!

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