Packing Peanut Fun!

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What am I going to do with ALL THESE PACKING PEANUTS???
Ever get a box in the mail FULL of packing peanuts?? They get EVERYWHERE!!! So why not have some fun with them?? 
The HISTORY of Packing Peanuts:
Packing Peanuts were invented in 1965 by the Dow Chemical Company.
Traditional Different COLORS of packing peanuts:
GREEN- environmentally friendly (at least 70% comes from recycled material)
WHITE- at least 70% are NON-recycled material
PINK- peanuts that have been chemically treated with a chemical to prevent static cling
Environmentally Friendly Packing Peanuts
With the big “green earth” movement there has come a new type of packing peanuts- BIODEGRADABLE PACKING PEANUTS! These are made from corn starch or sorghum. 100% non toxic AND safe to eat by people or dogs (although not recommended as they are not made in a food facility plant) AND can be dissolved in water!!
We decided to do some “observations” today with out packing peanuts, as well as learning about what it means to be “BIODEGRADABLE”! 
FIRST- We got to TASTE them!!  
NEXT- We got to color & MELT them in hot water!
Lastly- We got to PAINT with them AND Glue them!!!

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