Our Pinypon Party – Celebrating Fashionable Girls

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As you know the holidays are coming and this week we are spending the Thanksgiving week with my sister’s family. The first day we got here we all enjoyed a Pinypon party with all sorts of build-it-yourself Pinypon dolls. And it wasn’t just the girls who wanted to play but every single boy at the party wanted to play – even more than the girls! To play with we had a Pinypon Caravan, plenty of Pinypon dolls, and of course snacks & coupons!

Look at all these Pinypon figures! They are extremely easy to snap together and don’t fall apart. There are all different hairstyles, outfits, and even little skirts you can add on. The kids had so much fun trading pieces around.

And the Pinypon Caravan was SO awesome! The doors open, the roof of the caravan comes off and turns into a boat, and there is a real working shower in the caravan. If you put water in the little tub section you can pump the water out through the shower hose and give your Pinypon dolls a bath. Not to mention that there are all sorts of accessories like purses, plates and silverware, bows and more! And some of the accessories snap right into the caravan so that you can decorate it how you would like.

Check this out – how cute is this? And look at those itty bitty straws! The kids had a blast making their Pinypon dolls have a picnic.

Here is the roof of the caravan flipped upside down which turns into a boat!

The kids were all over the place with their Pinypon toys! We even had a few kids just climb onto the top of the table just to get a little closer to the Pinypon figurines!

I was amazed at how many different things the caravan did! The little fridge opens, the roof of course pops of into a boat, the shower really works, there are stairs that fold out, chairs that fold up and all sorts of fun hands-on things for the kids to do!

And what would a girls party be without baby dolls? We were provided a Nenuco Newborn Doll that drinks & wets to giveaway and this little girl loved it! She toted it around during the party and wouldn’t put it down!

What little girl doesn’t like baby dolls? And of course we had to make the baby doll wet too!

ALL of the kids loved the Pinypon toys. The little ones all the way through the teenage ones and surprisingly the boys that attended seemed to like it even more than the girls did! Maybe because they could build so many little dolls? Either way the kids sure had a blast. There are a lot of little pieces so I recommend storing them in a small plastic tub or re-sealable plastic bag. The pieces that snap on and off of the dolls and caravan were easy to do and didn’t fall off at all. When we first received the box of toys we thought they were cute but as we were actually opening the packaging and playing with the toys we were surprised at how many features and accessories the Pinypon dolls and caravan came with. The pieces were durable and will not be easily broken.

Disclosure: We were given the above products in exchange for hosting a Pinypon party. All opinions are my own.

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  1. my kids love the dolls they come to school telling me i’m going to play!

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