My First Day as a Box Tops Coordinator #BTFE

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As many of you know I had the fabulous opportunity over the summer to attend the Box Tops University courtesy of General Mills at their headquarters in Minnesota. That short weekend trip sparked a passion in me to find out who was heading up my husband’s Box Tops program at his school, and what exactly they were doing with it. After inquiring a bit I found the previous coordinator exhausted and ready for some help, so I stepped in!
Yesterday was my first day on campus as the Box Tops coordinator and I was SO excited. However my enthusiasm did not seem to spread to the students or parents very easily! It looks like the majority of my efforts will not actually go into coordinating the program, but will go into getting the students and parents involved. This seems to be a daunting task!
Out of the 3+ hours I sat at my nicely displayed table full of Box Tops I had maybe 5, if I was lucky, stop by and expression their happiness that the school was finally participating in Box Tops. Um, the school has always participated in Box Tops….it seems that this is my first step in overcoming!
I’ve printed off newsletters for every kid in the school (with a list of Box Tops products included!) as well as newsletters for each of the teachers. Once a month I will collect the teachers box tops, and record EACH teachers earnings as that money will go directly back into that specific classroom!
I have found so far that this is by far the quickest way to get teachers involved. An incentive. Teachers are so busy and stressed as it is, why in the world would they want to participate in something else that doesn’t benefit them? I can’t say that I blame them! I had some very excited teachers about the new change in our Box Tops program this year!!
SO now that I’ve survived my first “event” – what next? I’m not sure where to go from here. Any previous Box Tops coordinators have some ideas? I am planning on having some sort of contests/giveaways for the highest earning teachers and students. I’d love any input from anyone else who has ever participated in Box Tops- parents, teachers, OR coordinators!

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  1. mini me's momma says:

    Last year our school gained about $1,400 from Box Tops. We gave the classroom who collected the most in a month an ice cream party, if they collected the most 3 months in a row they got a pizza party. We also use box tops as a way to gain extra raffle tickets when we have functions, 1 ticket per 5 box tops.

  2. mini me's momma says:

    BTW, it is my first year taking over as coordinator-so I'd love to hear any new ideas as well!

  3. Anonymous says:

    My school announces the leader weekly in each grade. The winner at the end of the year in each grade gets an ice cream party! It helps keep the kids involved and the box tops do come in…

  4. Last year was my first official year as a coordinator and I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT! Even the ones where people thought I was crazy! They think I'm even crazier this year coming in everyday with my Box Tops gear that I received at NBTU! We had turned nothing in the year before I started. Last year we brought in over $2,200.00!! I was determined to make such a huge difference to show people that cutting those things REALLY DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!
    All it takes it one person to get as pumped as you are about it! They will then pass it on! This year being the PTO President & BT Coordinator its a little hectic so, I have another Parent on board with me about Box Tops.When I can't push, SHE CAN!! We email all the time and each come up with different collection sheets and take turns cutting and collecting!

    We do Monthly drawings with collection sheets. We give out items that have been donated from local companies. Kids Meals are a great thing that we get a lot from local restaurants. Bowling & Skating Passes are AWESOME TOO!! We do get lots of 25.00 Staples Gift Cards donated every year and try and hand those out to the teachers.

    Another helpful push is the morning announcements! We make sure to show different items that Box Tops come on. Kinda like our own little commercial.

    Getting your local community support is important. We are thankful to have our school in a neighborhood that has a newsletter every month. They allow us to put a small ad for them in there as well.
    I have rambled on enough. Hope this helps you all!

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