Meeting Greg Aronowitz – a Highlight of our Toy Fair Experience!

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It all began when my husband and I were tiredly walking though the seemingly endless aisles of toys at Toy Fair when we walked past the Floppets booth – they make cute little wearable pets. After a few minutes we spotted the Labou Floppets shown below:
We immediately recognized it from one of our son’s FAVORITE movies called Labou. It’s a great G-rated kids film about a group of kids saving Labou’s home. Labou is an adorable whistling creature that lives in the Louisiana bayou. As we were chatting with the Floppets team they told us (after we were extremely googling over the fact that they made a Labou Floppets) that the creator and director of Labou, Greg Aronowitz was RIGHT BEHIND US!!
I’m sure he must have thought we were absolutely crazy but he seemed delighted that we knew of Labou!! I know our kids are so jealous that we met Greg but he kindly sent us some Labou gear home for our kids to enjoy and even signed it!! 
Greg Aronowitz has quite an impressive history in Hollywood as not only the director Labou and Power Rangers S.P.D. and The Guild Sells Out but also as model makers for John Carter, Gnomeo and Juliet, Scooby Doo 2, What Lies Beneath, Saving Private Ryan, Jurassic Park (Lost World), Batman Forever, and a LOT more as well as an illustrator for some of Cold Case and Criminal Minds. 
You can check out more about Labou here. If you’re looking for a good clean enjoyable kid’s movie you definitely should check out Labou! Thanks to Greg who put up with our star-struck questions! He is a great down-to earth guy who really has a desire to inspire children not to give up their dreams. He also does puppet workshops in local schools as he has availability.


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