Literature Mondays: Nursery Rhymes by Susie Lacome

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I am a bit behind on my Literature Monday series! I think the summer has thrown me off quite a bit! This is my all-time favorite Nursery Rhymes book which my son received as a gift from his grandmother one year. Not only does the book look like it has been stitched together, but all of the “stitching” throughout the entire book is raised! The pages are very thick so that kids cannot tear them, and my son just loves running his fingers along the designs on every page to feel the “bumps”! This is a great book for a sensory-needy child! I love how the sheep just pop out at you with the raised stitching, the flowers have texture, and the pies are raised too! It contains all of your classic nursery rhymes. It’s called Nursery Rhymes: Well Loved Verses to Share by Susie Lacome.


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