Insect Portfolios Craft

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Insect Portfolios
 Materials Needed:
portfolio folder(s)
Elmer’s Glue Stick
googly eyes
pom pom balls
black marker
Directions: Decide which insect you want to make, and choose a corresponding colored portfolio. For our ladybug portfolio we used a red folder, and for our bumblebee folder we picked yellow. Use your marker to draw a basic body outline (and stinger for a bee!), then use your glue stick to paste on the googly eyes and appropriate pom-pom balls. You can see my picture above for some ideas- get creative! You can even use glitter and stickers to spice it up a bit! My son LOVED these folders and they were SO easy to make! I was looking for a paper portfolio folder, but we ended up buying a glossy folder which actually worked great.

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