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Anti-Tobacco Resources for Middle School Teachers

Every year I try to do at least one post on resources for FREE anti-tobacco materials for teachers because it is so important yet not frequently talked about. The age group that is at the highest risk for trying tobacco is grades 5-9 (did you know that?) so these resources are geared to kids in that range. Kids are most likely to try tobacco for the first time between the ages of 11 and 15! My son just turned 10 and we’ve already started discussions with him about smart and healthy decisions.Anti-Tobacco Teacher Resources Tweet Card


FREE Anti-Tobacco Resources:

Anti-tobacco poster for Middle School Teachers

*Download the above poster here! It also includes:

  1. A list of youth tobacco prevention resources & apps!
  2. A classroom worksheet that talks about about the many ways smoking affects you.
  3. An interactive word wall activity.
  4. A list of the top 10 questions to ask your students to stop tobacco use.

Anti-Tobacco Smart Board activities

*Anti-Tobacco Smart Board Activities by Grade Level here! Geared for grades 5-9 these interactive Smart Board activities are designed to be used with SMART Notebook technology and teaches kids how to say NO and stay tobacco free.

*Need something more visual? Check out these anti-tobacco videos! These are great for leading classroom discussions!

Anti-Tobacco Teacher Resources Pledge Card

*Download these free pledge forms! Put your words into action and band together as a class to prevent the use of tobacco in our youth!

*Find even MORE teacher resources and anti-smoking resources for teachers here & everyone here!!

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PIN the infographic below by clicking on it or print the poster version here!

Tobacco and Kids Youth Infographic

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