Hershey’s Spooky Delight No-Bake Cheesecake Dessert

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hersheys spooky delight

The month of October is one of my favorites months of the year and I just LOVE creating fun and simple spooky decor, treats, and all sorts of other Halloween related activities! But I get it – kids are in school, holidays are approaching, sports teams are practicing – you don’t have TIME for long drawn out (but cute!) desserts and decorations! This awesome Hershey’s dessert that I created is a NO BAKE Cheesecake recipe that you can whip up in under 15 minutes!! (You can find more ideas from Hershey’s here!) It’s sort of like a cheesecake pudding filling type of thing.

Ingredients Needed:

4 bricks cream cheese, softened
1 tub (8 oz.) cool whip, thawed
3/4 cup granulated sugar
1 tsp. vanilla extract
1 large bag of (crushed) Kit Kat bars
6 Cadbury Eggs (or 1 per person)
green food dye
Halloween sprinkles
plastic spiders
any other desired spooky decorations


Beat together cream cheese, sugar, and vanilla extract in large bowl until well mixed. Stir in cool whip and crushed Kit Kat bars.

Kit Kat Hershey's Dessert

Then spoon into serving dishes! This is where you can get creative based on your dessert need! You can scoop this all into one gigantic bowl, or make a ton of smaller servings for individual place settings. It just depends on your event and what you need them for. I was able to get 6 large soup cups full of cheesecake filling and placed decoration on each of them individually.

hershey's Spooky Delight Dessert

After adding the cheesecake filling into each cup I sprinkled purple “crystal” sprinkles across the top. Now here is how you do the gooey green “spider egg” on top of each dessert. I cut a small hole into the top of a Cadbury egg and dropped a drop of green food dye into it and gently stirred the inside to disperse the green color. When I was ready to complete my creation I simply placed the Cadbury egg on it’s side on top of the cheesecake filling and let the green goo slowly come out! Then I just added some fake spiders and black netting around the base of my dessert on the table!

Share with me some of your spooky ideas for October!

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    This is so cute! I would love it if you’d share this recipe on my weekly Meatless Monday Link Up. If you’re interested, you can share at http://www.littlestsweetpea.com

  2. Eek! Is that a rat under your dessert glass? 😉 I had no idea Hershey offered these special spooky treats. Looking forward to surprising the kids with a spooky dessert of their own.

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