Hannah and the Talking Tree Book Review

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Hannah and the Talking Tree
by Elke Weiss

Hannah and the Talking Tree is a book for kids about helping the environment around us. Hannah has very big ears, and they are so sensitive that she can even hear the quietest nature around her!
But because she had such big ears, she could also hear the people around her making fun of her.
Hannah can hear the grass growing…..the trees drinking water…..even the tree crying! The tree needed her help, and so Hannah listened! She told everyone how the tree had lost all of its friends, and they needed to help her save the tree!
As everyone listened- their ears grew big too! And together they were able to help save the tree! And even plant new ones!
Hannah and the Talking Tree is a cute and brightly colored book. It teaches us to be environmentally conscious, and teaches kids in such a simple compelling way! We can all do our part to help and work together! This would make a very cute addition to any classroom or home. Children love to giggle at Hannah’s big ears, and learn how special she is by using them for a good reason. They will learn how to take care of our earth, and work together to keep our planet beautiful. My son was so excited that Hannah was happy in the end, and made lots of new friends!
This book is proudly printed on recycled paper and is approved by the Forest Stewardship Council! It has just won the Golden Medal in the 2010 Moonbeam Children’s Awards Competition as well.
Hannah and the Talking Tree can be bought on Amazon!
Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review. I did receive a free book to read. All opinions are 100% mine.

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