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With the craziness of school, field trips, parent/teacher conferences, family coming in, blogging, and everyday life I have been finding it very difficult to keep up with the never-ending household chores. I swear my youngest son thinks I must love it when he’s changing to fling his clothes across the room for fun! We’ve been working hard to nail down a routine  for the boys to help specifically with laundry and picking up in the house, but sometimes when we’re on a tight schedule things get a little lax and we have to start all over again.

I’m really excited to try out this new app called the Whirlpool WashSquad app. It’s a FREE app which you can download on your Apple product or computer(PC or Mac). I have an Android so I have to use it on my desktop which is OK because the kids can get on and check it.  It helps you to actually list out and delegate the laundry chores to each person in your family (it’s called the “Wash Board” – hah!) When the chore is completed family members can earn points for their job well done which you can choose to alternatively reward or celebrate your kids for if desired.

BUT NOT only does it help you keep track of who is helping with the laundry but there are some really great features that I know I will personally use and is a GREAT tool to teaching kids life skills about how to care for laundry in the house!! You can find tips on how to care for different fabrics (leather, nylon, cashmere, etc.). You can also decode those little laundry symbols on the tags to look up exactly what each one means. And there is a fabulous section with tips on how to get out tough stains (which I know my kids have plenty of!!).

Honestly, this app is a GREAT tool to have on hand when it comes to that time in life to teach kids all about laundry care. I remember feeling SO grown up when my mom taught me how to care for laundry and I sure wish there was this quick “cheat sheet” app available when I was a kid! And best of all it’s free so you can’t beat that!

So CLICK HERE to download the new Whirlpool WashSquad app!

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