Free Calm Apps for Teachers – Create a Stress Free Classroom

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It’s no secret that being a teacher can be an incredibly tough job. I’m so thankful we have technology not only to help engage students better but also to help create a stress free classroom. These free calm apps for teachers might be just what you need to set the mood in your classroom.

Things like turning off the lights and playing soft music can really help kids (and teachers!) unwind after a long day or week. School can be a stressful place for everyone and I love that there are calm apps that can help aide both teachers and their classrooms in taking a deep breath and refocusing on whats important.

Free Calm Apps for Teachers - Create a Stress Free Classroom

I did not include relaxing game apps below as this is more of a resource for use at school and not just chilling on your couch. There are plenty of relaxing games and coloring apps out there if you need to unwind!

The list below focuses on counting timers, white noise and music, meditation, breathing exercises, daily journals, etc. Everyone benefits differently from various methods and many of these apps offer multiple ways to help you unwind.

*Some of the apps below also have websites you can Google for! Some of the calm apps also offer additional paid premium features.

Free Calm Apps for Teachers (or anyone!):

Free Meditation Apps:

Free Brain Dumping apps:

  • Mind Mapping Mind Meister (iOS & Android)
  • Day One Journal (iOS
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7 Calming Techniques to Help you Relax at Home or School:

  1. Sometimes just taking a deep breathe and exhaling slowly while you mentally count to 10 can do a world of good. It really can be as simple as that when you start to feel stress and tension levels rising.
  2. Step out of the room or turn your back if you can’t leave for just a moment. I realize that it would be silly to recommend teachers step out of the classroom every time that stress arises, but sometimes an emergency bathroom break, or just walking to your desk or corner of the room to “straighten” something, will give you just enough mental break to shake off the intensity of overwhelm you may be feeling.
  3. Force a smile on your face and mentally remind yourself WHY it is you’re doing what you’re doing. Chances are you can look around and begin to count the positive things about your day. That student that made a big win, a friend who drew you a picture, etc.
  4. Play soft music. Sometimes the forced slow rhythm of a song can work wonders on soothing our ruffled feathers!
  5. Squeeze your hands as hard as you can or push your palms together. This is helpful for kids to unwind a little after they’ve been worked up. It probably won’t work right away but is a technique that you can use and slowly teach kids how to regulate their stress level and frustration while staying in one place.
  6. Hug someone. While maybe not appropriate to run around hugging your co-workers all day long every time you feel stressed, a hug really can go a long way to helping you focus on someone else and releasing a bit of your tension.
  7. Roll your shoulders back and gently stretch your head from side to side. When you’re internally stressed this usually ripples to your body being stressed as well. That’s why breathing and taking calming steps to decrease tension can help so much both emotionally and physically. Giving your muscles a break from tension can also help you feel calmer.
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