Forget the Challenge – Welcome the DAILY Routine! #PURELL30

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purell hand sanitizer to keep germs away

You may remember last month when we posted about the PURELL 30 Day Challenge to help us reduce our risk of getting sick (remember our insane summer travels and now busy back to school season?!) – it’s been almost a month now but to be honest we’ve kind of thrown the “30 days” out the window and just incorporated using PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer into more of a daily routine that will last far beyond the challenge of 30 days. I now keep the JELLY WRAPS PURELL bottles in my glove box in the car, one on the diaper bag for when baby arrives, and of course in the house! (don’t forget one for the kid’s classroom too!)

Initially I thought this month that we would mainly be using the hand sanitizer more for keeping back to school germs away, but we’ve actually been using it not only for summer play outdoors but also to keep away all of the sick germs in the doctor’s offices. This week alone we have been at the clinic FIVE times – yes unfortunately I said 5! And not even because we are sick! I have recently been diagnosed with gestational diabetes and have spent much of the week going back and forth to appointments with the doctor, dietician, diabetes specialist, and of course taking my kids to get their back to school physicals. That means we have been in the doctor’s office/hospital every day this week exposed to all of the other germs that have been floating around!! Trust me – PURELL has been my best friend this week!

PURELL hand sanitizer to keep germs away

We are definitely using hand sanitizer more frequently to help keep germs away between when we wash our hands with soap and water! It certainly helps for when we’re on the go and places we just can’t get to a sink! And I can tell you with a newborn on the way we’ll most definitely be using it a LOT! Who knows where my boys hands have been and this will be a fantastic way to help keep some of those extra germs away from baby girl. And the great thing is that I almost never have to remind the boys to use hand sanitizer – it’s become such a routine they know when they need to use it (although sometimes I have to remind them that they don’t need it quite so much!). Here are some great ideas for places you’ll want to have some PURELL Hand Sanitizer ready to go:

Classrooms and Offices – Whether you’re in school or work at an office there are a lot of people in small spaces which means plenty of germs are shared! Having a bottle around encourages others to use it which also helps to reduce the germs being spread!

In the Car – Seriously – some of our grossest accidents and mishaps present themselves when we are not at home and nowhere near a bathroom! Keeping hand sanitizer in your purse, diaper bag, briefcase, glove box, or somewhere you can very easily grab it while out on the run is ideal for combating germs! From touching grocery carts to door handles, bathroom knobs, and using pens to sign credit card receipts you never know where germs are lurking! (sounds kind of ominous huh!)

Play dates and Church- Whether you’re dropping your kiddo off for a birthday party or headed to a play date kids are pretty much synonymous with germs! And the hardest part is that kids can be really sick without even showing symptoms!! Over the years my kids have picked up everything from pneumonia to other viruses from their friends long before symptoms were showing!

Nursing homes – Occasionally we’ll volunteer at a nursing home to sing or just come by and chat with the residents. Using hand sanitizer both to help keep germs away from the elderly and to keep yourself from any germs is a healthy choice for both sides!

On the Farm or around Animal Shelters- Ok, this one may only apply to some of us but if you live in the country or are frequently near barns, animal shelters,  or other animal areas hand sanitizer is the best thing you can have on hand if you don’t have easy access to soap and water! (Think FIELD TRIPS!) Just the other week we helped one of our local farmers catch over a thousand pheasants so you can imagine the types of germs we handled that day! Having hand sanitizer with us saved me from a lot of germ concerns with the kids who helped out and even the adults!

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