Bonfire Fun and Fire Safety- There’s so much to Learn!

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Bonfire Fun and Fire Safety
WARNING – Bonfires can be fun – but dangerous with small kids! Ok – enough said. Seriously, we do use our fire pit, especially now that the weather is nicer, but we have to be extremely cautious at all times with our kids. This is a great way to teach fire safety. The kids can carefully feel the heat from the fire and how uncomfortable it can be if you get too close. They always have fun learning to Stop Drop and Roll too!!!
Bonfire Fun and Fire Safety
Since the weather here in Florida became nice and cooler we decided to roast marshmallows tonight! The kids had a blast!!
Bonfire Fun and Fire Safety
My little guy…..well….he was ALL into those marshmallows!
Bonfire Fun and Fire Safety
And my oldest? He just liked setting them on fire!! We let him try it once with extremely careful supervision – then told him when he was much older we would teach him even more safety rules so he could do it again!!
So take your kids outside, take a hike down a nature trail, roast marshmallows, or count squirrels. It is the time of year the weather is usually beautiful so take advantage of it!!

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