Fine Motor Coordination Skills Activities

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Developing coordination skills is a must for every child, and some are more coordinated than others. My oldest is a little slow on his fine motor skills and so I like to incorporate creative tasks into our daily routine to help him- without it feeling like work.
*Play Let’s Go Fishin (seen in picture above)
*Wood Puzzles
*Lacing puzzles or threading beads
*Flying Cheerios (My son HATES lacing puzzles & threading beads bc it’s boring- so I came up with Flying Cheerios. He threads a set number of Cheerios that I’ve designated through with a piece of floss. Then I tie it and he “flies” it in front of a stationary fan.)
*Catching balls
*Balance an egg or other object in a spoon. Make it a race!
*Cutting paper- make snowflakes!
*Make a mosaic out of stickers or by gluing construction paper.
*Typing games on the computer.
*Stacking blocks in a tall tower.
*Throwing a ball in a hoop.
*Baking- have your child help you measure the ingredients.
*Electronic handheld gaming systems or using a remote control like for a Wii.
*Kicking a ball across the yard. Try to make a goal!
*Songs with hand movements like “Miss Mary Mack”.
*Picking beads of a specific color out of a box full of colored beads.
*Playing hopscotch or tic tac toe.

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