Do You Really Need Blogging Conferences and Business Cards?

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When I started my blog I had NO CLUE the monstrosity I was getting myself into! It started to help a few teacher friends out and that was it. Until I realized that it could be so much MORE – I could help hundreds of teachers AND moms just like me! Now I can’t remember what I actually did in life before blogging! And it’s not just online – last year I started to branch out and attend local events as well as blogging conferences!!

It was amazing! Blogging is so much more than just staring at a computer screen all day – what I really love is getting out and meeting people! At least twice I year I choose to invest in my blog (and myself!) by attending blogging conferences. Let me tell you that this is NOT a cheap decision! Each conference typically cost me about $1000!! Yikes! BUT for me it is a worthwhile investment which you guys in return benefit from! One of the most exciting things I do to prepare for these conferences is make sure I’m well-stocked on business cards!! And not just any business cards – I want ones that will stand out and look professional.

That’s why I LOVE Tiny Prints Business Cards!! These are my business cards that I ordered from them last year and I absolutely LOVED them! I wanted something different that would really make people remember the card and I received a lot of compliments on these last year. Why? When you go to blogging conferences you meet hundreds, sometimes thousands of people – I’m NOT kidding! In just a few weeks I am headed to Toy Fair, and even though it’s not a blogging conference there are over 1200 companies to meet. 1200!!! PLUS over 17,000 attendees – isn’t that crazy? AND it’s not even open to the public! There is of course no way for me to meet them all but I want to represent my site for both you and me which means I need business cards and LOTS of them! 

Tiny Prints offers business cards with your branded logo on them as well as folded and square business cards (like mine) too! My frugal advice when it comes to business cards? Invest in the best for business cards you are handing out to other companies, save money by getting the cheaper business cards for other bloggers. You don’t want to hand a company that you really want to work with a freebie or cheap looking business card – it’s not professional and shows you’re not willing to invest in your own “company”. Especially if you’re making the investment to attend the conference you need to make the investment in your business cards as well.

If this is your first year attending a conference Congratulations! You will LOVE it!! 
Here are 5 tips for you newbies:

1. Invest in the nicest business cards you can afford for networking with companies.
2. Save money on the business cards for other bloggers.
3. Wear COMFY shoes and bring lots of band-aids! You’ll be walking a LOT!
4. Be yourself – companies and other bloggers want to see the real you!
5. Bring an extra empty suitcase for and swag or freebies you might acquire!

Disclosure: I will receive free business cards in exchange for this post. ALL opinions are 100% mine. My opinions are not altered for any reason.

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