DIY Vintage Steampunk inspired Home Clock Wall Decor

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DIY Vintage Steampunk inspired Home Clock Wall Decor

I have really been into DIY Steampunk projects lately (check out my Steampunk Gears Light Switch Plate and DIY Apothecary Jar!) to spruce the house up a bit and this one cost me about $1 in supplies since I had some paint and mod podge on hand! This particular Steampunk clock is just a wall decoration – it is NOT a “real” clock but you can easily turn it into a real clock if you want with a basic clock kit (normally under $10)!

DIY Vintage Steampunk inspired Home Clock Wall Decor

Supplies Needed:

Round Cake Baking Pan ($1 or less!)
Printable Clock Face (I used one from Pinterest – check here and here for some nice designs.)
Acrylic Paint (preferably metallic colors)
Mod Podge (I used regular but want to recoat it with Antique Mod Podge)
Optional – gears & other steampunk accessories 

DIY Vintage Steampunk inspired Home Clock Wall Decor

I started by printing out my clock face that I found on Pinterest and ensured it would fit nicely on the BOTTOM of my round cake pan. Then I carefully cut out the clock and set it aside.

(TIP – if you are NOT turning your wall decor into an actual clock then look for a vintage printable with clock hands, otherwise you’ll want a clock face with NO hands so that you can use the real clock hands in the design.)

Next I painted the sides and bottom edges of the baking pan with a black acrylic paint and let it dry. Once the black paint had dried I smeared on some bronze metallic acrylic paint.

DIY Vintage Steampunk inspired Home Clock Wall Decor
There is no right or wrong when painting the sides of the cake pan! I dipped the tip of my finger in the metallic bronze paint and rubbed it on the edges of the cake pan giving it a more authentic streaky finish. Then I simply applied mod podge on the back of the clock face and pressed it firmly onto the bottom of the cake pan. Once it had dried I applied a thin coat of mod podge onto the top to add some texture. Since I live pretty much in the middle of nowhere we unfortunately do not have any craft stores near me (a crime isn’t it!?) so when I get my hands on some Antique Mod Podge I will be coating the top to give it an older look.

If you want you can add some other steampunk accessories – a pile of gears here, a dab of lace there. I had some pieces set aside but ended up preferring to leave it as is! Since it’s a cake pan it’s easy to hang on a nail! That’s it! It’s ridiculously SIMPLE to create this fun DIY vintage Steampunk styled clock to add a flair on your walls!

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