How to Make Fake Gourd Votive Candle Holders – Dollar Tree Fall Craft Tutorial

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 gourd fall DIY home decor

Gourds and fall go hand in hand! Take a look at how simple it is to create your own fall fun when you give these gorgeous gourd votives a try. And best of all these gourd votives cost just a few dollars to make several of and you can keep them for years to come!! Here is how you can craft your own in under just a few minutes!

gourd fall DIY home decor

Supplies Needed:

faux fall gourds ($1 or less at Walmart or the Dollar Tree)

If you want you can use real gourds but they are a little harder to create and of course will eventually rot.


1. Begin by placing a votive on top of the gourd. Trace around it with a pencil – this will give you an idea of where you will need to cut and the size hole that you will need. Remove the votive.

2. Take a knife and cut out the circle as smoothly as you can. It’s just like carving a pumpkin!

gourd fall DIY home decor

3. Remove the piece you carve out and throw it away – you won’t need it again.

gourd fall DIY home decor

4. Press the votive into the hole that you just created. The foam of the gourd will give a bit allowing you to squeeze the votive snugly into place.

5. Just light up your votives and watch them glow!

 This makes a wonderful fall festive decoration and gift – and you can even use battery operated votives if you want! I personally like crafting a collection of these to display in a group together for a real fall festive appeal!


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