Creative Decorating Outdoors with #KmartHoliday

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Look how incredible bare my front yard is!! Other than 2 small inflatables we do not look very festive at all! So I jumped on the opportunity to partner with Collective Bias in shopping at Kmart for outdoor holiday decorations! Although I didn’t want any more inflatables – I actually wanted to totally deck out my front yard in festive holiday decor!
And we had tons of lights already so I didn’t need any of those. I wanted my yard to really stick out during the day as people drove by. All of these ideas were incredibly simple and easy for those of you who aren’t too decorating savvy!!


I actually had a little bit of a difficult time finding outdoor decorations at my Kmart that didn’t include either lights or inflatables, so after browsing for an hour I decided it was time to get my creative juices flowing! I visited the garden department on a whim and was greeted by these beautiful poinsettas!!! They were perfect to add color to my yard so I filled up my cart!


And these bright red bows on the endcaps really stuck out to me!! I’m pretty sure they are not weather proof but they are so festive that I am taking my chances!!


My son’s favorite? The Mickey carousel that was rotating in the store! But at $199.95 this was way out of my budget!!! We quickly headed home as we were all eager to start decorating! Decorating for Christmas is our family tradition – everyone helps out!


I found these stunning jumbo ornaments at Kmart that my little guy helped to hang up!
And my oldest son was thrilled for the chance to climb up the ladder! (with close supervision of course!) We added some bows to our oak trees and wrapped garland around them and our mailbox.



Check it out!! A VERY simple yet extremely festive garland with ornaments strung between our two oak trees in the front yard!! Later we added spotlights to shine on the red bows at night which really emphasize them. The huge red bows we bought went on either side of our garage door. Nothing difficult – simple and festive!


Kudos to my husband for this fantastic idea! Every year we trim our gardenia bush back for the winter and my hubby thought it would be a great idea to spruce it up with some red ornaments!! I surrounded the bush with the red poinsettas and it really looks amazing. This picture really doesn’t make it pop out like it actually does in our front yard!
How is that for a more festive front yard than our first pictures?? 🙂 I am really pleased with how our yard looks now! Although I was a bit stumped at Kmart on how to decorate our front yard it ended up looking really great! Can’t afford big inflatables or oodles of lights? Consider buying a few bright red bows and some strands of garland and strategically placing them in your front yard!
Disclosure: I was compensated for this as part of a social shoppers insight study for Collective Bias.

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  1. Sippy Cup Mom says:

    I love it! But I have to say, I'm so jealous of you putting up your decorations while wearing SHORTS! It's in the 30's here!

  2. Mommy Hates Cooking says:

    Love it and jealous of the shorts! Haha!

  3. Kathy Murphy says:

    Ditto on the shorts! I love the way you decorated the yard – the jumbo ornaments are my favorite. I could easiy and cheaply do that.

  4. April Decheine says:

    looks awesome, I wish I could be in shorts decorating!

  5. AlexandraFunFit says:

    Wow, you are really clever. I am also creative-hampered, and our lawn looks sort of lonely too. I totally LOVE the things you came up with. We have a K-Mart in our town, and they have good prices! I think you might have just inspired me to do some decorating. And we don't get much rain here, so I'd be okay (fingers crossed).

  6. Amy @ As The Bunny Hops says:

    How cute! It seems so funny to decorate in warm weather…I'm decorating here and it's 70!

  7. Carrie with Children says:

    I love the gardenia bush! What a great idea to put ornaments on it! You got a lot of great things at KMart!

  8. Rebecca E. Parsons/Cre8Tiva says:

    fun fun fun!!! let's celebrate!!!

  9. Lolo @ Crazy About My Baybah says:

    I love the jumbo ornaments and bow! You guys did a great job!!

  10. Tonia @ says:

    Looks great and I have to say I am so jealous of the shorts!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely LOVE this!!!

  12. Lilac City Momma says:

    Looks wonderful!! You did a great job with it!

  13. Fun and Fit: Kymberly and Alexandra says:

    Love your blog title as my husband is also a teacher. You really "spruced" up the yard creatively. Go teacher parents!

  14. TheSuburbanMom says:

    OMG – I LOVE that Mickey Carousal (out of my budget too). I like the way you did the garland with ornaments, super cute.

  15. LOVE LOVE LOVE the decorations!! One of these days I'm going to have to get mine out….

  16. MAMA BRANDI says:

    Those jumbo ornaments are great! I love what you did with your outdoors…and you all look so cute in your shorts. I'm so jealous!!

  17. I agree – the ornaments are wonderful! We use something similar on our patio by the pool in the summer.

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