CP Toys Child Sized Real Tools Review

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Recently I was contacted by CP Toys and offered a review. I immediately fell in LOVE with their site and the high quality products for kids they have! SO many of the choices, viewable not only by category but also by age and gender, are unique and not your “big box retailer” type of items – they’re better! Things like a kid’s play medical cart, ice cream cart, bakery play sets, interactive talking maps and all sorts of other fantastic educational kid’s toys! As my boys are growing older they are much more interested in the interactive toys that they can constantly go back to and use like the Child Sized Real Tools we chose to review. Guess what we’re working on now? Building the boys a workbench for them to use their tools on!

DSC_0012 (4)

I absolutely LOVE that this tool set comes in a wooden tool box that is not only easy to carry and can be latched shut, but it’s also tall and skinny as opposed to a traditional “box”. It’s SO nice for storage and doesn’t take up nearly as much room! Plus we can easily fold this box up and put it away when the kids aren’t using it for safety reasons, especially when younger kids come over. In addition to the storage tol box it includes the following tools:

  • 10 1/2″ crosscut saw
  • coping saw with extra blades
  • 2 6″ screwdrivers
  • 8″ wooden mallet
  • 8″ hammer
  • pliers
  • vise
  • 3 wrenches
  • 6″ ruler*awl

DSC_0031 (3)

These are REAL usable tools – not plastic or cheapy “kiddy” tools. Geared for ages 6+ this is the PERFECT “I want to work like Dad” set for your kiddos. My husband does a lot of projects out on his workbench and builds all sorts of things when the weather is warm and the kids are constantly asking to help. We were thrilled to find this tool set for them that they can use. Our 4 year old even uses the set with parental supervision as well. I didn’t even know they made tools like this for kids that were real!

tools Collage

Inside the tool box there is of course a place for everything The “shelves” that hold the screwdrivers and hammers swing out for easier access. The saw (which really cuts wood!) is safely stored flat against the tool box very snuggly so there’s no possibility of accidentally falling out. And I LOVE the little drawers they have where we’ve been storing nails for the kids to use.


Our kids are already begging for more woodworking materials to use. But for now we are just using the scrap wood we have laying around the garage. My kids felt like super heroes being able to do their own projects. They LOVED working along side their dad as he helped them learn how to do projects and build simple things.

DSC_0039 (2)

So far we’ve done 2 different projects with the kids that are great not only for coordination and fine motor skills but are simple to do! The first project that we did was “Initial Art”. We took a small chunk of wood, drew the kid’s first initial in pencil, and then they hammered nails on the lines to form the first letter in their name. Then they used yarn to wrap it around the nails!

DSC_0058 (2)

The 2nd project that they did was each of the boys created their own shadow boxes. Sure they’re a little rough looking but they are 100% made by each of the kids and they couldn’t be prouder! It was a simple cut of 4 equal sized pieces of wood and then nailed together to form a box. The kids later painted their creations and hung them up in their bedroom to store their most precious little toys.


 Here you can see their creations before they were painted. We were super impressed with this set. And my husband who does his own crafti-work like building storage shelves, our dog house, our chicken coop, etc. absolutely loved the boys tool set. The Child Sized Real Tools are just the perfect size for their hands which is more practical and less accident-prone than using dad’s over-sized tools that are too heavy or large. The kids have spent literally hours with this set and we’ve only had it for a week! It’s been great to keep them busy building during our cold winter and I know we will be getting a TON of use out of this over the summer! We’ve got it all set up in our basement and are working on adding some small scrap wood and nails down there for the boys to have access to.

CP Toys, originally  called Constructive Playthings which started in the 1950’s, holds the mission of inspiring learning, creativity and fun for kids! The toys are both educational and fun. Many encourage play through sensory learning, active play, and imagination. You can visit their site at www.cptoy.com

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