Cars 2 Movie Review

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Our family had the fun opportunity to see Cars 2 earlier this week! I was really excited not only because we loved the first Cars movie, but because it was my son’s first time at a movie theatre!! When we showed up at the theater I quickly realized that we would be watching it in 3D!
Before the movie started there was a Lion King video clip, and a brand new Toy Story short film!! It was absolutely hilarious!! My son was ecstatic to see Buzz and Woody again, and the clip was humorous. It set a great precursor to the show! Basically Ken and Barbie stowed away in Bonnie’s backpack all ready to join her and her family on their vacation to Hawaii. Much to their dismay Bonnie left her backpack in the bedroom- and the toys work together to try and give Ken and Barbie a vacation they won’t forget!

Before I went to see Cars 2 I had read a lot of reviews online already. I saw some were concerned about the violence, some about the adult themes. The movie is rated G and comes out today in theaters nationwide! After reading the reviews I was a little worried about taking my son to watch it, especially since I am so picky on what he watches and this was his first time to the theater. The trailer above is a good depiction of some of the car chasing/blowing up scenes if you’re interested.
The movie is actually based more around Tow Mater than Lightning McQueen which put a new spin on things. Mater gets caught up in an international spy operation, so there is a lot of political and adult references to things such as international spies, eco-friendly fuel, the queen, etc. I’ve heard the movie’s plot referred to as a cartoonized James Bond movie which really isn’t that far off base. As an adult I absolutely loved the movie- I thought it was hilarious and clever. My four year old son of course did not understand any of the more mature humor, but he really loved the movie and was sitting on the edge of his seat the whole time. In fact he cried when the movie was over and said he wanted to stay! 
Before the movie I had heard about the violence of the car fighting scenes but once I watched the movie I really wasn’t worried about it. I am very picky on what my son sees but a few car explosions really didn’t bother me. There was nothing particularly dark and sinister like you see in Toy Story 3. There are a few missiles and intense car chases but it did not seem to bother my son at all! To be honest I did not see anything inappropriate that made me uncomfortable. So overall the second movie isn’t as “kid-friendly” as the first movie, but we liked it anyway. I’ve noticed a trend with the great kids movies escalating up and being more geared towards adults the second time around.
If you guys see the movie I’d love to know your thoughts on it! Although I think the movie could have been great without some of the political references it was entertaining nonetheless!

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  1. we're going to see this tomorrow! I can't wait! It will be the kids first movie in a theater for the kids!

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