Banz Earmuffs Review

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The new year is almost here which is exciting for almost everyone, but some kids are nervous because of the noise and distractions in the classroom. Some of us parents are nervous for their kids who are easily distracted, or highly bothered by too much noise! I’ve had several teachers mention that they actually have a special pair of earmuffs for children in their classroom who need a little extra help blocking out the noise from other students so that a child can focus on reading or doing schoolwork. So I contacted Banz to see if they would like to participate in our Back 2 School bash!

Banz has special Earmuffs for kids that not only help protect their ears at loud events (such as concerts, air shows, car races, sporting events, etc.) but it also helps to block out some of the excessive noise for children in settings where they need to focus such as school! My son, who has a sensory disorder, has an extremely difficult time handling too much noise when sitting next to his brother in the car, or playing in an enclosed playground especially. I know that other children with sensory or ADHD issues have a difficult time focusing in the classroom due to distractive noises from other children, pencil sharpeners, etc. These Earmuffs are an awesome (and extremely necessary) idea for these children to help them focus!
Above you see the earmuffs that we were sent (they can be purchased in a variety of colors) and we absolutely LOVE them! They do not block out ALL of the noise, but they do a very good job at lessening the noise! These earmuffs can be worn by children of all ages and can be adjusted for your child’s size. In fact not only did our earmuffs fit my 2 year old and my 4 year old, but we were also able to wear them as well! Also the part of the earmuffs that sits on your child’s ears is VERY cushy and padded. It is extremely comfortable to wear! The third thing that I thought was awesome about these earmuffs is that they can fold up to be stored! (see the pictures above) This makes them VERY handy to throw in a bag or easily hold when you are headed out.

For some reason my son had an absolute fit when I tried to get a picture of him wearing his ear muffs, so I finally told him I would send them back if he didn’t let me get a picture! 🙂 Needless to say I was able to snap a quick shot before he ran out the door!!  These earmuffs can be purchased for $30 which is a very reasonable price for these and certainly worth the investment. I am surprised at how extremely well our earmuffs have helped up- they are really good quality and look like they will last for years! I will certainly be purchasing these earmuffs from Banz when I need a second pair!
Not only have we noticed the difference using these earmuffs (they have saved our sanity while on the road!) but my son also knows the difference by using them. It is very rare that we get in the car and he does not have his earmuffs. He wears them on the way to church every week, and even brings them inside in case he needs them. This has really helped him settle down in the car when extra noise is bothering him. It will be a great item to have when he gets older and we are in very loud situations like festivals or children’s events.
If your child has problems with over-sensitivity to noise, being easily distracted from paying attention, or are concerned about protecting their hearing in loud events, I cannot express how much I highly recommend these Banz earmuffs. You will NOT be disappointed! If you are a teacher and can afford the extra $30 these are worth having in your classroom for your students to use!

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review. All opinions are 100% mine. I received a set of earmuffs in order to form my own opinion.


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