How to Build a DIY Cheap Tire Swing

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We have two boys who are as active as ever, so I am ALL about putting as much climbable swingable and jumpable objects in our backyard as possible! Ok, so maybe those aren’t real words, but in our house we like to think outside of the box a little! My husband built our playset so we already have a pre-existing frame to hang a swing on. Originally we had a tired swing with just an old tire off of the side of the road and a large rope. But we soon found our kids were getting absolutely filthy from it and the swing was terribly wobbly. To brace it better would have cost too much for what we needed, so I made a trip to our local Tractor Supply Farm Store. Although I have to admit, since I wrote this post I have now spotted a Little Tikes swinging disc similar to the one we made for just $19.99! 

They sell wagon wheels separately like you see in the above picture and I just happened to walk in when they were on clearance for $5 a tire! (normally $7-$15 a tire depending on the size) SO we picked up one tire and grabbed 10 feet of rope and headed home. Our total cost was about $12 since we bought a slightly better rope than the cheapest one available.

It was SO simple to actually make the rope swing and only took a few minutes. We thread the rope through the hole in the tire and tied a bunch of knots in it. 

Then we tied the rope around the top of the swingset and for good measure added a hose clamp through it for a little extra stability. And that’s it! Now the boys can jump onto their tire swing, stand on their tire swing and not have any problems balancing or getting dirty! 

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  1. The Frugal Free Gal says:

    Tire swings were my favorite growing up!!! That was my favorite thing to play on at recess!

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