Teacher Contest – Most Memorable Student Experience

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degreestory.com has an AWESOME Teacher Contest going on right now for some pretty amazing prizes!! ANY teacher (preschool, elementary, middle/high, college, public/private) can enter to win up to $700 in Amazon gift cards!! It’s SO easy – here’s how:

1. Write a story about your most memorable student experience.

2. Complete your profile with DegreeStory.com

3. SUBMIT your story!

The stories will be each read and judged based on CONTENT, HELPFUL (does your story give insight on what it’s like to be a teacher?), and QUALITY.  The contest runs from October 2-18, 2013. Winners will be contacted for current mailing address to receive prize. PRIZES:  1st Place – $700 Amazon Gift Card, 2nd Place – $300 Amazon Gift Card, 3rd Place – $100 Amazon Gift Card.

Head over to degreestory.com for more details and to enter your story!

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  1. Lisa Griffith says:

    It had been an eventful fun filled year. May came kids were doing great fabulous things and ready to become first graders. On the first Sunday of May my mother had a major heart attack. This kept me out of class couple days upon returning children expressed concern for my mom. One amazing creative sensitive young man was working very hard at the writing center, I approached asked him if he needed help. He turned and stated “I got this but thanks.’ So I went on then this same young man calmly and confidently came to me and said ” Ms Griffith, I know your mom had a sick heart . I made her a new heart so now she can be well again.” It was a paper heart with a stenciled teddy bear on it. My eyes filled with tears and I begin to cry. This young man patted my back said “Ms Griffith it isnt a bad thing,” I said “oh these are tears of happiness.” With a smile he said”OH no you are one of those girls who cries about good things , that’s just like my mom!”

    To this day that heart hangs on my mom’s fridge and brings happy tears to my eyes!

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