Taste Testing with a Mirror – Lemons & Pickles OH MY!

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Yesterday my son had a fun activity in his K-4 class. In fact it was one of my favorite class activities from my own elementary school years – taste testing!! We used to have a full class participation where one student would be blind-folded and have to guess what was being put in his mouth. My son’s school did something slightly different which I really liked (and he did too!).
The children were situated in groups of three, and sat in front of a wall of mirrors. Each child was then handed  a pickle to try, and also a lemon to try. The children were supposed to observe their reactions as they tasted each item, and then draw their facial expression reaction to that item. Ever since my son was a baby he absolutely hates pickles (runs in the family!) although we offer him one every chance we get. Of course he put it in his mouth and then immediately spit it right back out. The lemon…..well, he just kept eating those!! 🙂
So instead of just talking about taste buds and setting up tasting activity centers – have your kids actually LOOK in the mirror while they’re tasting so they can see their reaction, and then have them draw it!

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