Save $$ By Using Mail in Rebates

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One way to save a decent amount of money that you might not normally think of is by doing mail in rebates! (AKA- MIR) I can easily save a few hundred dollars a year by submitting mail in rebates. Basically you buy the product listed on the rebate form, and send in to the company the form, receipt, and UPC (or whatever the rebate requires). I know some people complain because do not receive their rebates back, but if you submit everything properly you should have no problems being reimbursed.
Get the most money out of it by:
  • Using coupons to buy the product-you usually will still receive the entire product price back!
  • Look for that product on a Buy One Get One Free sale. You will receive 2 products for your rebate!
  • Make a list of all the current rebates that you have sent in- if you don’t receive your rebate within 2 months or so you’ll know who to contact.
Here are a few rebate offers that are currently out there:

Febreze Noticeables Warmer
Carmex Moisture Plus
Woolite Oxy Deep Clean Stain and Odor Remover
B1G1 Anco Wiper Blades
Just for Men Touch of Gray
Lysol Wipes
World’s Best Cat Litter
Prevacid 24 HR 28 ct.

Don’t forget to look for “TRY ME FREE” Peelie stickers found on products! Some of my favorite TRY ME FREE peelie stickers I have found at Walgreens! You can also find them at grocery stores- rarely have I seen them at Walmart or Target. Drugstores and grocery stores are usually my favorite to find these but you can find them anywhere. This includes several salon brand hair products such as Organix and Ren-Pure as well as Humphrey’s Teething Tablets and Gerber Graduates for babies/kids. Procter and Gamble always has rebates out….around the holidays keep an eye out for Nestle rebates (we got free cookie dough last year!).
Mail in rebates…….just another way to stretch your dollar!

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