Painting with Feet – Dance Like Crazy!

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Get outdoors and let your kids have fun painting with their feet!

Yep! Grab a large piece of paper, poster board, cardboard, or even an opened up paper grocery bag and head outdoors!! I suggest tempera paint since it’s washable! Pour some paint in disposable plates or pie tins, turn on some music, and let your kids dance dance away on the paper!

Want some extra sensory input? Into your plates of paint mix tiny pieces of raw noodles, sand/dirt, broken up pieces of styrofoam, and anything else which will make the paint textured! The kids will have a BLAST and you’ll have a pretty neat piece of artwork to display in your house!

Try making toe prints, dancing to different rhythms of music (fast and slow), or designing an object with your feet like a rainbow! You can then sit down and read Dr. Seuss’ The Foot Book for a wind-down reading activity!

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