Simple Ways to Support Schools

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Simple Ways to Support Schools
Just because you don’t have children, or don’t have children in school doesn’t mean you can’t help support schools! Every little bit really does help! Here are some small and simple ways you can help your local school.
  • Donate your Box Tops, Labels for Education, soda can tabs, etc.
  • Donate leftover egg cartons, paper towel rolls, etc. to an art teacher.
  • During the back to school season when supplies are cheap buy supplies and drop them off at a school!
  • Offer your time! From organizing books to grading papers – there is plenty to do!
  • Attend your school’s functions. Moral support can be a huge morale booster!
  • Get the word out! Tell others about the school and what they may need.
  • Donate used (or new) sports equipment such as balls, jump ropes, frisbees, etc.
  • Spend the summer at yard sales and donate books to the classrooms, library, or students!
  • Volunteer for field trips! Volunteers usually get free admission on field trips and teachers can always use the extra hands!

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