Meet Sue – a Famous T-Rex

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Many of you may remember one of my childhood dreams to become a paleontologist. If not – now you know! So when I see dinosaurs and bones I get excited! And I try very hard to rub that excitement off on my own children! đŸ™‚ I KNEW it was heaven sent when I saw that our local science museum had a brand new exhibit that would be here during my son’s 6 year old Fossils & Dinosaurs birthday party – SUE.

TRex Dinosaur Sue

Meet Sue.

TRex Dinosaur Sue

ROAR! That’s what I wanted to shout as I walked up to this exhibit! But to save my poor husband from horrendous embarrassement I chose not to. đŸ™‚ But I did run over there like a little school girl and snap a bunch of photos! And I’ve even seen Sue before!! Sue is a famous and most complete skeleton to date of a t-rex. This dino on display is actually and exact replica of Sue as her skeleton is still being studied. More famous is the Sue that is housed at The Field Museum in Chicago.

TRex Dinosaur Sue

Who takes pictures of old heads? I do! đŸ™‚ Although the exhibit was disappointingly small we still had a good time.

TRex Dinosaur Sue

There were some neat things for my kids to do in the dinosaur exhibit including my favorite – a dinosaur dig pit!

dinosaur dig

We have been to several museum dig pits over the years and my oldest and I tend to spend several hours there while my husband is taking our youngest through the rest of the museum. This day was no different! The dig pit was a nice size with plenty of tools and bones for everyone to use. In fact, the bones were so large that we either could barely pick them up or that my kids could balance on them!

walking on dinosaur bones

Does dinosaurs and bones get you excited? I’d love to hear about your obsession or a cool event that you’ve been to!

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