Meet Olly Oogleberry!

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Haven’t heard of Olly Oogleberry? You will this year! We met Olly at Toy Fair this year in NYC and this little guy is not only adorable but kids absolutely LOVE him. There are some HUGE plans for Olly this year in the works so don’t be surprised if you see him around – or even if your kids ask for him!

His mission? To save Earth! 

Olly lives on planet Oogleberry, and he and a happy band of alien misfits find themselves landing on Earth. But each one of his friends lands on a different continent! As Olly and his friends learn all about Earth they also teach kids all about space too! And not only that but it teachers good manners and social skills as well. 

Above you see the Olly Oogleberry book which is just as colorful and fun as Olly is himself. Olly also has all sorts of FREE activities and experiments as well as an upcoming section for educators! And yes, of course you can buy Olly Oogleberry gear! Seriously Olly Oogleberry is great.  I have 2 boys and they love aliens, but I am very particular about what types of characters they favor and I certainly don’t want grotesque fighting aliens! Olly is a fresh and exciting cute alien that I am very happy to let my kids love! 

Olly Oogleberry was born in 1981 when 7th grader Lou Hughes would daydream during math class. Now 30 years later that dream is reaching out to children all over America and inspiring them to go for their goals! We met Lou at Toy Fair and he is an absolutely fantastic guy! He’s got his family – a great team behind him. The really cool thing is that he doesn’t live very far from us and will be the special speaker at my husband’s elementary school this year for Young Author’s week! We are UBER excited! You’ll be hearing more from me in the future about Olly as he launches!
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