Making Your Own Handwriting Practice Sheets

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As boring as it sounds kids need to learn how to write legibly. I can’t tell you how many upper level elementary, middle, and high school kids (and even college kids!) I have graded papers for and cannot for the life of me figure out what they are writing! It’s quite atrocious really! And yes, stereotypically, boys tend to have worse writing than girls – but as with everything that is not always the case. My son had a fine motor skills delay which affected his handwriting so I am always integrating tasks to help improve his fine motor skills in a “fun” way.
One thing that my son loves to do is to write letters to his cousins and grandparents! But writing out a full sentence for him is like pulling teeth. I used to let him type out his letters, or use alphabet stamps to stamp out his letters when he was a little younger, but now that he will be in kindergarden next year I really want him to work on being able to write his letters better. So I found these alphabet tracing stamps (uppercase and lowercase) from Learning Resources to help me do the job!
They were about $10 a set which is MUCH cheaper than buying a bunch of workbooks and printing out practice sheets on the computer – not to mention more customizable so you can even work on spelling words too. Now I can just stamp out his letter for him and have him trace his letter to his cousins and grandparents. Not only does it make it more legible so his family can read it but it also  helps him fine tune those writing skills a little bit better than writing by freehand (which is certainly an important skill as well). It also gives my son an added encouragement to even attempt writing his letter since he usually has quite a lot to say!
I really like these stamps because the letters are dotted just like on a practice sheet so my son knows where to trace them. And on the stamps themselves there is a line towards the bottom of the stamp that shows you where to line it up with your paper so that you stamp a sentence straight across. Pretty neat huh? It’s just another resource I’m happy to have to help my son out in his writing skills.

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