A Little Bit of Toy Fair Fun!

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I cannot tell you how INCREDIBLY exhausted I am sitting here half asleep in my hotel room!! BUT I have been teasing you guys with little tidbits about the Toy Fair the last few days and I wanted to put together a really quick post so you could see a few fun features! I have walked so much my feet are swollen and blistered BUT I have had an incredible time meeting the companies we’ve worked with face to face as well as meeting new ones! This will be a great year here on Surviving a Teacher’s Salary and I’m really excited for everything I’ve learned here at Toy Fair! I will fill you in throughout the next few months with some of the awesome products, companies, and experiences I’ve had but for now here is a little bit of fun from my first day at Toy Fair!
I met the director of Power Rangers – VERY cool!

Who doesn’t love the Care Bears?!

These “Luv Me” monsters from Ty are ADORABLE!

And OF COURSE I HAD to meet our magical elf Sam!!

You’ll hear more later on Mrs. Pinkelmeyer – SUPER cute kids book series!

There were even presidents!

And of course our beloved Mrs. Frizzle!!

Stay tuned for more fun from the Toy Fair!

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  1. Is that a Lego Hulk?? My son would LOVE to see that!!

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