HUGE Sales on Snap Circuits Kits – BEST STEM Kit for Kids

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Snap Circuits on Sale

There are some deals on Snap Circuits Kits – I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend these sets. We have about 5 different kits and they are incredibly simple for kids to do on their own (my kids have been using them since preschool) and captivate the engineering interest even of middle school kids who like building radios and such.

I think every kid and classroom should have at least one set of Snap Circuits – that’s how incredible they are. It’s a great way to introduce basic electrical current concepts as well as cause and effect. Here are some of the BEST Snap Circuits sets out there:

The great thing about Snap Circuits is that they are fantastic for ALMOST any age (obviously not babies). We started my oldest son on Snap Circuits when he turned 2 years old.

Pretty much as soon as they are old enough to not eat the pieces (because that is especially dangerous with these sets!!!) they can use these.

There are simple kits where kids can learn simple cause and effect with closing circuits, and there are more complicated sets where you can actually build your own radio, remote control car, etc.


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  1. JD Miller says:

    The “special price” you list for Snap Circuit SC-300 caught my eye, and I clicked on the link provided and ended up on an page with a price listed at 25% more than what you were showing (that’s a pretty significant difference)

    Am I missing something, or is there a “secret code” that is needed to lock in on the price you showed


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