How we Afforded a Hot Tub

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Meet our hot tub! Isn’t is beautiful?
Ok, in all seriousness- how could we afford a hot tub when we have so many other expenses on a super-tight budget? We don’t even have an extra $50 a month- let alone enough to splurge on such a luxury item!


That’s a very good question! And one I asked my husband many times when he said he wanted one. This particular hot tub cost almost $4000- which was extremely out of the question! So the next best thing? He began to search for a used one! I told him if he came up with the money for it- he could do whatever he wanted! So began his obsession. But his obsession turned into reality, and I now appreciate the beautiful warm “bath” we have out in our carport! 🙂 He found the above hot tub listed on Craigslist for $350, and my husband offered $250 for it- and the guy agreed! The only problem is that this was an hour and a half away, and we don’t have a truck! So my husband had to bribe a friend to help us out! 🙂 (he paid him of course!) We combined both of our Christmas money from our parents & grandparents which gave us $200 of it, and then the other $50 + gas $$ came from online survey money I have been saving!
At first I was concerned about the cost to upkeep the hot tub- they are usually very expensive! But this hot tub was different, it is a simple plug in the wall- it runs on only 110V- which is the same as your typical household appliances! It would cost about as much to run as your refridgerator! The man we bought it from had about 6 months worth of chemicals, and this tub has a new technology- there is actually no heating element! This blew my mind – how in the WORLD do you have a hot tub with no heating element? I was extremely skeptical!! The water is heated by friction believe it or not. A small motor in the side of the hot tub shoves the water through it quickly causing friction, which heats up the hot tub. It does take a while to heat up- about 2* an hour, but it maintains the heat with no problem. It even has a waterfall & strobe light in it!
SO- next time you think you can’t afford that luxury item you have your eye on- be patient. Save some money, and check online for ones for sale in your area! You never know what might show up!

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  1. That is awesome for you!!! I hope that you enjoy it. I love it when you can find what you need and want to enjoy life within your budget.

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