Have you Seen Sue? Iowa Science Center Deal

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sue trex dinosaur photo credit Iowa Science Center

Meet Sue! As you know I am a science geek, but almost even more than that is my love for fossils. I perhaps was one of the only kids on the planet that was a die hard wanna be paleontologist. My mom took me every year to the Fossil Show and Gem & Mineral show. My birthday gifts were to go on fossil digs. And I had boxes and boxes of fossils in my bedroom. One thing I regret as I graduated college and moved out of the house was that I got rid of most of my fossils. I have passed my love of rocks and bones on to my oldest son who will be having a Fossil Birthday Party in April. (remember the DIY dinosaur dig kits I created?)

After I graduated college I my husband and I got married and moved to Chicago for a few years. Home of the Field Museum. i.e. Home of Sue – the famous T. Rex. Sue is the most complete TRex that has ever been found and in fact is still being studied today! The large dino on display at the Field Museum is actually an exact replica of the real Sue.  Have you ever see Sue?

Imagine my sheer delight when on our Iowa Science Center page they announced that Sue was coming to our museum! (or more accurately her exact replica) AND she was bringing a herd of dinosaurs! (a herd? flock?) AND they would be there when my son was having his birthday which means our family is headed to the science center to see the dinosaurs very soon! In fact we actually have passes there! But for my Iowa friends I spotted an AWESOME deal so you can see Sue too! For $11 you can get admission to the Science Center in Des Moines, or $18 for a family pack of 4 tickets. In fact if you really want to hear how geeky I am…..when I worked a really good corporate job in Chicago one of our fancy high-end events was a special dinner mixer at the Field Museum. The highlight of my night was eating my dinner next to Sue!! I’m a nut I know!

I think I must be getting a sign today – check out what my son has been wearing all morning!

AND just for kicks if you’re reading this post on 2/6/2013 go to the Google homepage – fossils!! Today is Mary Leakey’s 100th birthday. (Mary Leakey is a famous archaeologist and anthropologist)

Have you seen Sue?

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