Have You Ever Been to a Gem, Mineral or Fossil Show?

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Remember how I told you I was a science geek as a kid? Yup, I saved up my allowances to go to our local Fossil and Gem and Mineral shows!! Not even kidding – I started when I was in elementary school! By the time I was in high school I had BOXES and BOXES full of fossils – unfortunately I got rid of most of them too. 🙁 But if you have a budding scientist these are amazing places to take your kids!
These shows are not for preschoolers – they are typically geared towards serious dealers and collectors, but there are children that attend (I highly suggest upper elementary and older). In fact our local Fossil shows always had an area specifically for kids (my favorite!). BUT your children will see everything from fossilized teeth, animals, plants, rocks, jewelry, mineral bookends, dinosaur skeletons and SO much more! The great thing is that usually the shows are very inexpensive or free to get in to!

 I remember buying “grab bags” of miscellaneous fossils and digging through sandboxes for fossils as a kid. There of course were lectures for the savviest of dealers but I only remember the events from a child’s perspective. It was absolutely amazing! I suggest going to google.com and searching for “gem and mineral show” or “fossil show” and then include your state to see if you can find a local show coming to you. My kids are a bit too young to take but I can hardly wait for the day when I can take them!
More than likely, I’ll get myself into trouble by re-starting my fossil collection!!!!

Here are a few upcoming shows in mid-Florida:

Feb. 25 – Lakeland
March 25 – Fossil Fest @ Florida State Fairgrounds
October 13-14 – Fossil Fair @ Central Florida Fairgrounds

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