Don’t Forget About Thrift Stores-Even That One!

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As a high schooler my sister and I would spend every weekend thrift store shopping! We knew all the best ones, the cheap ones, and the stylish ones. Now that I’m a parent with small children I just really don’t have time, don’t want to drag my kids to dirty stores, and honestly there are NO good thrift stores around us. They are all overpriced and dirty. And trust me, I am NOT a picky person! So much to my dismay I have passed up thrift store shopping lately and stuck with garage sales if I’m looking for a steal. Not kidding- the kids clothes are $4+, adult shirts are like $6- I can find them cheaper on clearance brand new!
I have been so tired of being stuck in the house lately so I decided I wanted to go to a thrift store, even if none of them were clean or priced decent.  To be honest I wasn’t really expecting to find anything, I just needed to get out for a bit. Low and behold, in the bottom of a fairly broken toy bin I found this huge bag of what looked like math counters, but were blocks with letters on them that stacked so you could build words! And it was only 50 CENTS! I couldn’t believe it! SO, the moral of my story is, even though you may not think it’s worth going somewhere for a deal, you just might be surprised- I sure was!

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  1. A few months ago I bought a set of wooden blocks for $6…those big wooden blocks that cost up to $100 in teacher stores!! I love looking in thrift stores!

  2. We don't have good thrift stores in my area either but I do enjoy them when I find a good one. You never know WHAT you will find WHERE!

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