FREE Geocache Printable Logs & Signs + Recycling Container Ideas

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Regardless of whether it’s Earth Day of in the middle of winter, recycling is so important to teach our kids and implement ourselves. That’s why I made these Geocache Printable signs & log pages.

Geocache Printable Logs & Signs

Many of us might be really good at recycling newspapers, juice bottles, and other obvious materials but what about your bathroom supplies? Toilet paper cardboard tubes, empty Tylenol bottles,  shampoo and conditioner bottles (without any pumps!), bandage containers, soap bottles, etc. – it can all be recycled! Or if you’re like me you might have a stash (OK, a HUGE stash!) of recyclable items that you reuse for crafts and storage organizers! I know teachers are REALLY good at that!

We are currently re-using one of our old first aid kits to spread some fun this summer to other people by using it as a geocache container! (We also keep a first aid kit in our car, especially when we travel!) If you’ve never heard of geocaching it’s like a worldwide treasure hunt where people hide containers around the world with a log book to sign and sometimes little trinkets to trade, post the latitude and longitude coordinates, and everyone goes to look for it! (You can read more about our geocaching adventures here!) It’s an absolutely fantastic way to enjoy the outdoors!

Below I’ve made a few FREE Geocache Printable Logs and signs for your own containers to recycle!

FREE Geocache Printable Logs & Signs + Recycling Container Ideas

Print Here ==> Geocache Log

Print Here ==> Official Geocache Signs

Print Here ==> Official Geocache Signs (NO Background)

I recommend laminating your geocache printable signs before attaching them onto your containers or print them on waterproof labels to make them weatherproof! The awesome thing is that geocache containers come in ALL shapes and sizes! Some smaller than your pinky nail, and some as big as a 55 gallon drum! Check out how we turned our empty Tylenol bottle into a hidden geocache container!

How to Geocache Recycled Container - FREE Geocache Printable Logs & Signs + Recycling Container Ideas

Start by stripping the label off your bottle(s), painting it to camouflage in it’s surroundings (I chose black and dark green) and let dry! Since our container will be buried in the ground I glued a chunk of moss onto the top of the cap to help it blend in better! Rolled up inside of the bottle is a strip of the log page I created (printable file above) and any other tiny trinkets that can fit into the bottom of the bottle (such as a penny, small eraser, etc.).

TIPS for Recycling Bathroom Containers:

*Always make sure anything you recycle is rinsed and/or clean!
*Keep an empty storage tub, bag, or trash can JUST for recyclables in the closet!
*Items to recycle:
toilet paper tubes, shampoo/conditioner/body wash bottles (NO PUMPS!), mouthwash bottles, lotion bottles (NO PUMPS!), BAND-AID containers & boxes, medicine bottles, bottle caps, cardboard cartons & boxes.
*You CANNOT recycle these items:
dental floss containers, pumps, toothbrushes, tubes, razors.

IDEAS for Recycling Bathroom Containers in Your House/Classroom: 

*Make geocache containers or a classroom scavenger hunt!
*Store spices, jewelry, or medicine for camping and travel.
*Use for crafts!
*Toilet paper tubes for planting seedlings.
*Use for storage. (glue fabric on!)
*Use as a flower vase.  (wrap with twine!)

Official Geocache Printable Signs & Log


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