FREE Activity Boosters & Classroom Resources for a Healthy Lifestyle

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FREE Activity Boosters & Classroom Resources for a Healthy Lifestyle

Sometimes you come across those golden nuggets of valuable classroom resources as a teacher that you want to share with other people – that’s how I felt when I learned about fit4Schools (a health activation program from Sanford Health, developed in collaboration with WebMD) – plus it’s FREE!

It’s been a fun way to give my kids a brain break and help them exercise and get wiggles out at random “pop up” times during the day. You can use it at home and in your classroom!

FREE 3 Minute Activity Boosters Each Day:

fit4Schools free exercise activity boost for kids

At home I talk to my kids about staying fit to keep their heart healthy and their bodies strong. fit4Schools has been a great way to instill a fun daily habit for exercise – even when it’s too cold to go outdoors!

The program is aligned with national standards for schools and has a fun “wheel” it spins to choose your activities for the day to help boost your energy! Once it choose your activities it automatically starts the timer for 60 seconds (if you have the timer on) so be ready to begin right away and give it your best!

It takes only 3 minutes to do a complete routine each day (warm up, move, and cool down) which is perfect for transitioning your students to the next subject!

Check out the fitBoost activity for today and keep track of your classroom’s progress!  

FREE Teaching Resources:

fit4Schools free activity boosters and lesson resources for teachers

I absolutely LOVE the 3 minute fitBoost activity that changes each day, and fit4Schools also has quite a few teaching materials and resources also – all free! You can print educator’s guides and student materials for your lessons which are all aligned with Common Core & the Health Education Standards. They are 5 session activities provided for each of the 4 main categories below:

MOOD: feelings & attitudes (influence)
RECHARGE: sleep & relaxation (influence)
FOOD: what & how much you eat (choices)
MOVE: exercise, play, & physical activity (choices) 

The combination of these 4 areas help to activate healthy lifestyle choices – and it’s never too early to start!



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